Friday, June 15, 2018 11:10pm-5:10pm CST

Dear All:

I am in a serious rush to be in bed by midnight and am quite confident I will not hit my target. Let me hit some highlights of the day. Got up at 5:45 as we had to start moving our stuff downstairs at 6:30. Our goal was to leave the hotel at 6:45 and we left at 6:46 which ain’t bad! The picture on the left below is of one of the taxis we loaded down. The traffic was light because of the hour of the morning. We made it to the bus station in 15 minutes or so. Lots of people at the station waiting to board. Jean Claude had purchased our tickets the night before so we were set. Left at about 7:45 and the traffic had increased. We also were on a 70-seater bus which takes up a lot of space. My sweet sister-in-law Ellen would love to drive one of these in Cameroon! It is about a 4-hour ride to Yaounde and once we got there we had to change buses. The picture on the right is of Yaounde traffic and believe me; it does not do justice to the level of ‘tightness’. Oh, for breakfast and lunch I went the healthy route. Breakfast consisted of Double Stuff Oreos, Slim Jims and OJ. For lunch I had some Cookies and Cream Ice Cream and some more OJ. There is a reason why I look so youthful. Jean Claude bought some ice cream which he is not supposed to have so I dutifully called his lovely wife to “rat” on him and try to get him in trouble and I think I succeeded. Oh, Julien who is the preacher for the Dakar Church of Christ in Douala met us at the bus station as he will help translate. Then we met Simon Parfait who preaches for the Nkoabang Church of Christ in Yaounde as he is a part of the team. We made it to Sangmelima in about 2 hours and 15 minutes. We have left the heavy traffic until we return to Yaounde. We are staying at the Lafamba Hotel and it is very nice. No one has a toilet seat but neither do we at our house. After Linda came to Cameroon she saw that it was nothing more than a luxury item and she didn’t want people to think that we were uppity. The work in Sangmelima is only about a year old, maybe a few months more. We met with some of the members and are looking forward to the next 2 days. They are well organized and have 15 prospects. We are also going to work with backsliders and do some discipling of the new members. Tomorrow afternoon Jan is going to teach a ladies class and we will have a worship service at 5. Sunday is mapped out as well so we are optimistic about the next 2 days. Came back to the room to unpack and then had supper at 7:30. It was very nice and we enjoyed our fellowship. I came back to my room and finished unpacking. I have a fridge in my room and I put two Coke Zeros in the freezer and it worked well so I gave one to Mike. I then took a nice shower and began to slow down. Was able to Skype with Linda and she is doing much better. Thanks for your continued prayers. We are all doing well and excited about tomorrow.

In Christ,

Jim Corner

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