Thursday, June 14, 2018 9:55pm-3:55pm CST

Dear All:

I have some great news. I just spoke with Linda and she is feeling better after going to the doctor today. The Endocrinologist believes that all of the nausea she has been having was linked to a medicine she was taking. I think it is kind of interesting that her nausea “hit the road” the same time that I left the country. I wanted to put that in before Teresa Blaisdell wrote me with that info. That is the type of thing that sweet girl would say. You might wonder why I would call her sweet but it is because her hubby says she can get riled pretty easily when you don’t compliment her! At any rate; Linda was able to go to Bible class last night for the first time in several weeks and it did her a world of good. Brethren have a way of cheering you up. Another reason for her happiness is her sister Ellen staying with her. We love Ellen so much for her Christ like spirit and service. Also, she got great news on her sister Bettie. One doctor had been saying that she had a serious problem and turned out that he didn’t know what he was talking about. She is home from the hospital and doing well. Thanks for your prayers.

Had a great day. Slept well and got up at 9. Jean Claude was supposed to be here at 10:30 and arrived promptly at 11. I am actually glad he was not on time because I would be writing this Howdy from a cardiac ward or the grave! We went to a nice grocery store to buy stuff for the journey tomorrow. It is like a Wal-Mart and is really nice. Brought our stuff back to the hotel, dumped it and went to lunch. The traffic seems to be more severe than in past trips and that must be true because my rememberer is faultless. No need for any of you to call Linda for confirmation as you would be wasting your breath and possibly putting her in a position to fib. The word wonderful is usually used in a positive way. It is interesting to note how language can be used. I called Jean Claude and he was caught in traffic and he said it was “wonderful traffic” but I knew what he meant.

When we were about finished with lunch I asked if anyone wanted ice cream and Candace lit up like a Christmas tree! You can sample each flavor and she did before she settled on 2. They have 538 different kinds (kind of puts Baskin-Robbins with their 31 to shame) and said they were all great. She also wanted to know if we could come back each day. When I told her no it was sad to see a grown woman cry! One other thing about lunch: sometimes I will only order a salad comprised of lettuce, tomato and egg. The girl brought it out but there was no salad dressing and I asked her about it. She said: “I was waiting for you to put your Tuna on it!” From time to time I will carry a package of Tuna and she had remembered from the past. When we came back I started to pack as we will leave the hotel at 6:45 sharp to catch a 7:30 bus to Yaounde. There we will capture another bus head to Sangmelima. The first jaunt is 4 hours and the second 3. Vincent made it here around 6 and was able to go down and eat with the team. I skipped supper as I am trying to keep my youthful figger. I did have another Donut Stick but they only have about 3 calories! Had one more snack and will finish with a Snickers so my caloric intake for the day will hover around 600.

Oh, I decided to put a picture of TMBWITU (The Most Beautiful Woman In The Universe) below. She is a real looker!!!!!! She is the essence of one who married down! While I am thinking about it many of you know that I had hand surgery on March 6. I have a disease called Dupuytrens and my surgeon said the full recovery period was 2 months. I schedule everything around my trips to Cameroon and he was overly optimistic. Now, I am doing well although the strength and dexterity in my right hand is still not 100%. I am, however, doing well. I still have some packing to do but should be done fairly quickly. Hopefully within the next day or two I will have some pictures from Cameroon but none will be as nice as the one below!

We are all doing well and looking forward to the day tomorrow. Thank you for your continued prayers!

In Christ,

Jim Corner


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  1. Richard Martin says:

    On Thu, Jun 14, 2018 at 4:06 PM, Cameroon 4 Christ wrote:

    > cameroon4christ posted: “Thursday, June 14, 2018 9:55pm-3:55pm CST Dear > All: I have some great news. I just spoke with Linda and she is feeling > better after going to the doctor today. The Endocrinologist believes that > all of the nausea she has been having was linked to a medi” >

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