Tuesday, June 12, 2018 6:00pm-5:00pm CST

Dear All:

I’m back! While I am thinking about it I will confess to being a kid at heart. When we took off from Atlanta the screen showed us going down the runway and once we were in the air we could see the stuff below us clearly. OK; back to the beginning of the day. Got up @ 6:45 to get ready for my trip to the church building to meet Chris and Candace. Typically, my wonderful daughter carries me to the airport but she had a more important engagement at 6 Flags so our great Youth Minister, Tom Kimmey carried us out there. We left the church building @9 and got to DFW with no problems. Checked in quickly and got through security in no time. Candace and I split some pretzels from Annie Anne’s and they were delicious. Chris went and got something at Wendy’s. Took off on time and the flight from Dallas to Atlanta was smooth. Had a total layover of just 2 hours in Atlanta but by the time we got to the gate, we only had less than an hour and boarded on time. I am in ‘hog heaven’ because I have a bulkhead seat and no one next to me. I can spread stuff out and once I get to eat my delicious meal; I can put the tray in the other seat and get back on the computer. This flight is about 7 ½ hours and we will meet Mike and Jan at the gate in Paris. They had a straight flight from Houston to Paris. I was able to Skype with Grandma and Charlie Brown. Linda has been sick since last September and we are still trying to find the culprit.
Her sister Ellen is going to stay with her. Bapp (our daughter) will carry her to a couple of doctor appointments. Please keep her in your prayers. I am fixin to sign off and I will write more later. Plan is to post this from Douala tomorrow night which means you will get it between 4 & 6pm your time.

Wednesday, June 13, 2018 7:05am-2:05pm CST

Flight from Atlanta was 20 minutes early. Deplaned and headed for another gate. Had to go through security but no problems. Chris and I got some breakfast and will meet Mike and Jan around 8:30. Were able to board with no problems and I was upgraded to premium economy which is a step below Business. Plenty of room and believe it or not; the food was actually a tad better than coach food. Both, of course, are yummy. I have done some reading and preparation for the campaign. As the days go by I will keep you filled in with what we are doing. We are about 4 hours from landing and this may be the last communique until tonight.

Wednesday, June 13, 2018 10:20pm-4:20pm CST

Arrived abit behind schedule but the trip went well. It took longer to go through Customs for some reason but that also was no problem. Our luggage came out quicker than usual and we were on our way. Jean Claude and Bangos met us and the traffic was REALLY bad to the hotel. Chris, Candace and I were with Bangos and arrived around 6:30. Mike, Jan and Jean Claude were 90 minutes later! I have been able to Skype with Linda and she is a bit better. Goes to the Endocrinologist tomorrow. I must tell you about my meal tonight. Certainly not as exotic as most of my recipes but still the best meal I have had since I was last in Cameroon. It was a combo of Beefaroni, Tuna, Beenee Weenees and some Slim Jims. Of course this was in one bowl at room temperature which really brings the flavor out. Went you cook or heat food it removes so much of the flavor, vitamins and minerals. Capped it off with a Glazed Donut Stick from Little Debbie. Didn’t read the “health stuff” but if I remember correctly (and I have a GREAT rememberer) this is a very healthy choice. I still have a few things to do but hope to be in bed by 11:30. Misc stuff tomorrow as we prepare for our journey on Friday. Oh: PLEASE pray for Mark Partlow. He is a dear and faithful brother from our congregtion in Garland. His Oxygen level was so low that the doctors had to sedate him and put him on a ventilator. He may have to go on Dialysis and this was not the initial reason for his hospital stay. Also keep his wife Peggy in your prayers.

We are greatful that you are with us on this journey

In Christ,
Jim Corner




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