Wednesday, February 21, 2018 5:10pm-10:10am CST

Dear All:

This is HOWDY #22 not including the Pre-Howdy and this will be the next to last for this journey. On the final HOWDY I will go into some detail regarding the trip and the future of the church in this country. Good and hectic day as I am trying to get everything done before I leave. I am so glad I spent a couple of extra days. On the travel day back to the States you would like to be able to sleep until noon because it will be a long time before I land in Dallas. I woke up at 1:15am your time so I have about 40 or so hours from that time before I hit DFW. With my sleeping ability on a plane, I will be fairly tuckered out when I arrive. My packing was mostly done from last night but I did do some light packing and will finalize my packing shortly after I send this. Jean Claude took Linda to the eye doctor and it appears that she will be OK. She was given some tablets and eye drops so please keep her in prayer. You can see her in both of the pictures below. She is named after my lovely wife. Linda’s first trip to Cameroon was in June of 2001 and Linda was born the following month. Linda, of course, made such a huge impact that they named this bright girl after her. She does exceptionally well in school and more importantly, loves the Lord. You can see her with her parents on the left below. Mary came over this morning and we discussed the schedule for the sisters who are involved in leading seminars for the women. These sisters are doing a fantastic job! Louise Clement deserves so much credit because she is the one who trained them and Louise has such a love for the church in this country. When Linda and Jean Claude came back we went to lunch. It was a treat for her because in addition to her meal, she got ice cream! Thought I would treat her like a grandkid which means you do whatever they like. I tell people that the job description of a grandparent is three-fold; 1) fill them full of chocolate 2) let them do whatever they like and 3) hand them back to their parents. You see; it is PAY BACK!!! I am mournful as I have taken my last ride on a machine until June, Lord willing. I rode with Linda both ways and Jean Claude and Mary rode on one machine. We had an enjoyable lunch and came back to finalize stuff. I had a number of things to discuss with Jean Claude and think that everything has been covered. I can’t think of anything I have forgotten. Of course, if I forgot it I won’t know. Have you ever said about something: I will never forget that! Do you realize if you forget it you won’t know? It is quite possible that in the course of your lifetime you have said I will never forget that a dozen times and forgot them all! Scheduled to leave the hotel in about 1 ½ hours. I will send this and as I said yesterday; will begin working on my final howdy and send it on either Thursday night but more likely Friday. I will try and Skype Linda one last time before I leave for the airport. Will not get to see Charlie Brown because he is in school.

Thanks for your constant prayers.

In Christ,

Jim Corner

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