Tuesday, February 20, 2018 11:15pm-4:15pm CST

Dear All:

I am getting a late start because I got so wound up about some other stuff. Lord willing, I will be able to Skype with Charlie Brown and Grandma after I send this. I wanted to sleep later but woke up at 8 so I got up. After a few things, I was able to get on the internet and got caught up with email. Richard and Lori are probably asleep in Paris as I write and they will get to Boise on Friday. I did not get any pictures today so the ones below are of: 1) Jean Claude’s congregation. You will notice 2 pulpits as it is a bi-lingual church with all classes and sermons in both French and English. 2) The picture on the right was taken at least a week ago and possibly longer. I have a tinge of sadness because I will be able to ride a machine only one or two more times. I was able to ride twice today as I went to a market to get a Coke Zero and later went to get something to eat and brought it back to my hotel room. I told Jean Claude that he did not need to worry about me today and could rest. I still think he did a lot of work but not with me. I was able to write the first draft of my trip report and assembled all of my pictures for my PPT on March 11 when I will make my report at Buckingham Road. I did a lot of packing and am in good shape for tomorrow. Jean Claude is supposed to come over around 10 and we have a number of things to talk about. Oh, please put his daughter Linda on your prayer list. She was accidentally hit in the eye yesterday at school and will go to an eye doctor tomorrow. Hopefully it is nothing serious. I am definitely glad that I have stayed over 2 days as I have been able to accomplish a lot today. Another short HOWDY and I plan to write my next to last one before I leave for the airport tomorrow night. I will then pen the last one in installments and send from home, Lord willing, on Friday. I feel great and thank you for your prayers.

In Christ,
Jim Corner

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