Monday, February 19, 2018 8:30pm-1:30pm CST

Dear All:

It has been a good day. I will get right to it: had my alarm set for 9am but woke up at 8 which was OK since I got to bed at midnight last night. I hopped on the computer and got caught up with email. Jean Claude came at 10 and we went to the Wood Market because Lori had not bought enough stuff on Saturday! We also went to a Bible bookshop and a store to get a map of Cameroon. We went to lunch and enjoyed our meal and then came back to the hotel. Today is a holiday in the States and Charlie Brown was only going to be at our house in the morning so I Skyped with them so I could see him. I will Skype with Grandma in an hour or so. The picture on the right below is of us in front of the hotel. The statute is that of a chief. The picture on the right is of Salome and Natalie who are sisters from the North. As you can see, they are tall girls. Spent the afternoon working on a sermon and doing a few things on the computer. We took Richard and Lori to the airport at 7 and they are to fly out at 11:40pm. They are spending 3 days in Paris and that is why they left early. I will leave on Wednesday night. Tomorrow I plan to begin working on my trip report and my PPT presentation for Sunday, March 11. I need to get as much typing out of the way before my surgery on March 1. Linda has been feeling better and for that I am thankful. Please pray that Richard and Lori have both safety and a good time in Paris. Oh, Lori was feeling much better today. This is probably the shortest HOWDY of the trip but I plan to relax a bit tonight.

In Christ,

Jim Corner

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