Sunday, February 18, 2018 9:50pm-2:50pm CST

Dear All:

First of all; Lori did not worship today because she was sick. She believes it was a reaction to the medicine she took yesterday. As I write, she is better but please continue to pray for her. Richard seems to be better and he had a good morning teaching and preaching in Bonaberi. I had another good night’s rest and left the hotel at 8:35. Got a machine quickly and was there in no time. It was good to visit with brethren before Bible class and I then taught the class. I took some of my material on forgiveness and shrunk it down. I had spent roughly 5 hours on the subject and had 40 minutes of class time. The class went well and then we began singing. The sermon was given by a young man who is fairly new to the congregation. He is a brother from Nigeria and he did an excellent job. Before, during and after the service I took a number of pictures. I will share two of them today and more in the days to come. Below on the left is Gisele and she is flanked on her left (as you look at the picture) by her daughter Joella and on the right, Vonda. Vonda is named after Vonda Smith who worked tirelessly for many years in teaching the sisters. Vonda is one of the strongest Christians I have ever known. The picture on the right is of Junior (Jean Claude’s son and Nathaniel, his nephew). They are mesmerized by my ability to whistle through my hands and have been trying to emulate me for 2 years. They still have a long way to go as only air is coming out! I then took a machine back and went to Richard and Lori’s room. She greeted me and was feeling better. I took a shower and then went down and enjoyed lunch with them. We visited for a long time and I came back and did email, worked on a sermon and read evaluation sheets. Here are some of the comments:

  1. Sister Lori has helped me understand my worth in the church.
  2. Thanks very much because the seminar has helped me so much.
  3. The seminar has been helpful because each year new things are brought to our minds that we could not imagine.
  4. The seminar has helped so many of us grow closer to God and one another.
  5. Wow!!!! This was my first seminar and it was very helpful to me as a Christian.
  6. I love Brother Sutton, Sister Lori and Brother Jim for their wonderful works and efforts to strengthen the church in this country.
  7. Brother Richard truly helped us to focus on Jesus.
  8. The seminar helps the leaders to see their failings and the way they can make a positive difference.
  9. I will give Brother Richard 100% for his class.
  10. The seminar has helped us learn how to look at context and see what a particular text is saying.
  11. This seminar has been an inspiration to me and has developed my understanding.
  12. I have learned to be patient with my brethren, even when I do not want to.
  13. The seminar has helped to increase my faith in the Lord.


Miscellaneous thoughts:

  1. Sunday traffic in Douala is like the States. That is, not much and the downside is that it removes all of the adventure in riding a machine. I rode a machine to and from the hall this morning but did not even come close to striking another machine, taxi, truck or pedestrian. What a bummer!
  2. Lori was excited yesterday (it may have been Friday) because she rode with Martin against the traffic. She had never had that exhilarating experience before and she was pumped.
  3. Bible class begins at 9:00am but we did not start until around 9:15. In Cameroon you have a large number of late comers but in most cases, they are justified. They do not have the ease of cars as we do. In the States, if you are late for church, it was your fault and you have no good reason. I realize there are some exceptions but very few.
  4. Franklin led the song leading this morning and he is really good! I know that in a “howdy” you cannot begin to understand the emotions of the song service.

Later Richard came down and wanted to know if I would like to watch Support Your Local Sheriff which is one of Bryan Rendon’s favorite all-time movies. We had a good time eating chocolate, cashews, almonds, sausage and Oreos. I built one of my colossal Oreos where you take the lid off of one of them, scrape the icing off and put on another. You do this at least 4 times and you no longer have Double Stuff but Octuple Stuff! Then I came back down and was able to Skype with TMBWITWW (The Most Beautiful Woman In The Whole World)! Still have some stuff to do but can sleep until 9 in the morning. I continue to give thanks for your prayers as do Richard and Lori.

In Christ,

Jim Corner


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