Thursday, February 15, 2018 9:50pm-2:50pm CST

Dear All:

The attendance on the French side has been remarkably consistent. Today we had 41 in Richard’s class; 45 in Lori’s and 83 in mine. I know I am repeating myself but we all feel as though the seminar is going well. Let me go back to the beginning of the day:

Nothing unusual about the early part of the morning. Slept well again and I do not take that blessing lightly. If you have trouble sleeping you know that it will not only disturb you at night but will rob you of some level of energy during the day. I realize that at any time my energy level will reduce but at this point in time; I am as perky as 40 years ago. Today was a hot day as I left the comfort of my A/C room at 8:30 and had meetings at the break. I went from 8:30am to roughly 6:15pm in a significant amount of heat. The only reason I write this is because I enjoy sympathy and surely you are feeling sorry for me! Richard and I crossed the road and collected our machines easily and arrived at the hall around 8:45. I have a tinge of sorrow as tomorrow will be the last day. As with every seminar (or anything you enjoy) the time has flown by. I had to run a few errands today so was forced to ride another machine. Oh, I need to repent regarding something I said yesterday about not smiling as much. Today I caught myself on numerous occasions with a big grin. I will say that the driver I rode with this morning may not be a Cameroonian because he stopped at a stop light and waited for it to turn green. All of us Cameroonians know that machine drivers do not behave in such a way. During the course of the day on breaks; brethren will come up with various Biblical questions. It is quite encouraging to watch them wrestle with the Word to know what it says. After Richard’s class I met with the sisters below. They go out and conduct workshops on how sisters can teach children. From left to right are Mary, Gladis, Pauline, Glory, Nadedge and Gisele. These sisters are a delight and their love for the Kingdom is so encouraging to me. I then met with two preachers separately to see how things are going in their congregations. The church here is no different than in any other place I have been; some strong, some weak, some backsliders and some struggling with their faith. After the last meeting I had another discussion with a brother who was concerned about his congregation and how they could grow. I then snapped the picture on the left below. It brings a smile to my face and you might think about putting up such a sign in your church hall. My class went well. I mentioned above that churches, for the most part, are very much alike. There are some here with heads tough enough to demolish a building but I know that their beliefs are rooted in the desire to do and teach what they believe to be the will of God. When I was a young preacher I tended to be hard on the old people but possibly because I are one; I am a bit more patient. The 3 Amigos brought us back and the cool shower really felt well after a hot day. I then went down to Richard and Lori’s and enjoyed supper. Visited for a bit and have been in my room doing various things since. I am fixin to check my emails and in about 80 minutes I will Skype, Lord willing, with Charlie Brown and Grandma. We continue to be blessed in every conceivable way and we know that your prayers are a big contribution.

In Christ,
Jim Corner

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