Wednesday, February 14, 2018 10:40pm-3:40pm CST

Dear All:

Happy Valentine’s Day to all. I got my nice card today and Linda has already received her goodies. I am blessed beyond words to have her as my lovely bride! I am running behind schedule tonight. Earlier we had a power outage of roughly 15 minutes which is strange for this hotel as the generator usually kicks on immediately. I was speaking to Richard and Lori about how things have changed dramatically in the 30 years I have been coming to Ghana and Cameroon. In the early years it was common to have no water or electricity and now those things are taken for granted. Had another great day with 39 men in Richard’s class, 38 in Lori’s and 79 in mine. These are some of the highest attendance totals in Douala for the entirety of the 20 years we have been conducting these seminars. I am thankful that the brethren are not tiring of them but are eager to study and learn.

Here is the day:

Awoke at my usual 7:15 after another good night’s rest. Lori slept well but Richard did not. It did not show in his teaching as he did another marvelous job! He and I did our usual machine ride. I am noticing that I am smiling less on machines and I believe that I am becoming so used to them and so comfortable that I do not notice many things I did in the past. Now, I do not want to mislead you because some things will still bring a smile to my face. For example, when we leave the hall at night the road we have to cross is jammed with cars, trucks and machines. We simply move out carefully and when we see an opening, we go. Now, the opening may only be a foot but how much do you need! As stated above, Richard had another great class and the brothers enjoy his teaching. I have spoken to some of the sisters and they likewise love Lori’s teaching. Richard and I did not go to the hotel at lunch as we had a meeting with the brethren from the North. They are pictured below. The church in the North is very small and weak. They really look forward to the seminar each year. Due to the high cost of transportation, we assist them in coming. I am sure that I have told you before but they take a 4-hour bus ride followed by another 3-hour bus ride followed by a 14-hour train ride followed by a final 4-hour bus ride. Our discussion with them dealt with some possible financial help we will give them to assist their efforts. If we do help it will be a one-time gift that will allow them to generate money on an ongoing basis. They will purchase and sell corn and we will give them the “seed” money. Once they get going, they will be able to produce and reinvest the money. Pray that we will make a correct decision. After that meeting Richard wanted a Coke Zero (I was totally against it but being the good leader I am, I acquiesced) and I was shocked to actually find a small shop within a short distance from the hall that had a Coke Zero. We then came back and visited with the brethren and then my class began. I am never overly happy with my classes as I always feel I could have done a better job but overall, it was OK. The brethren listen well and ask good questions and make good comments. Oh, after the first break I took the picture of Simon, his wife Nadedge and daughter Emmanuel. He preaches for the Nkoabang Church of Christ which is in the capital city of Yaounde. He is an excellent preacher but a better Christian and Nadedge is a marvelous helper to him. After my class we climbed our 3 machines driven by the 3 Amigos and the trip was fascinating. I may be contradicting what I said above but it is a marvelous thing to watch how they navigate the roads. When we got home I took a nice cool shower and after the power came back on, went down to Richard & Lori’s and enjoyed supper. A combination of Ravioli, Tuna and Sausage is quite delectable, especially when eaten at room temperature. I was unable to Skype with Charlie Brown and Grandma as they are out shopping. I still have some emails to get to so am shooting for a bedtime of 11:30. We are all well and appreciate your constant prayers.

In Christ,
Jim Corner

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