Monday, February 12, 2018 9:55pm-2:55pm CST

Dear All:

Douala started well with 41 men in Richard’s class compared to 24 last year, 40 women in Lori’s class compared to 34 last year and 62 in my class compared to 59 last year. All of us felt good about the classes. Here is the day:

Awoke at 7 as I had to get things set up for the sister’s class. It is held in the hotel so they have good A/C. Richard and I climbed machines for the 5-minute ride to Jean Claude’s congregation. They have made some big improvements to the hall but the pictures I took today did not come out well. They have real live benches with backs1 They also have a nice tile floor and they are the first building I have seen with an A/C. They did not run it because of the expense but it still looks nice. Monday is always a special day as we see brethren for the first time in a year. Made a trip to the ladies’ class but I have mentioned it below. After Richard’s class Julien (the preacher at the Dakar Church of Christ) and Martin carried us to the hotel. I just snacked and got some work done. Left at 2:30 and the two guys above along with Yacouba (the preacher for the Logpom Church of Christ) picked the 3 of us. During my class I nearly stepped on a kid that could not have been more than 1 ½ years old. He was meandering in the hall and I did not see him. After my class the three amigos brought us back to the hotel. We ate supper in the hotel restaurant and enjoyed a fine meal. I have been downloading pictures and working on a couple of sermons. Oh, the picture below is of Jean Claude and yours truly from this past Saturday. Hopefully I have not already posted it.

Miscellaneous thoughts:

  1. This is the dry season but it has rained the past 2 nights. Fortunately, it has been dry in the day time.
  2. I went to the ladies’ hall to make sure they had everything. The idea that I had to ride a machine to get there had no bearing on my decision. Some of you are familiar with the game of Clue and you youngsters don’t have a clue of what I am talking about. At any rate; I was forced once more to go to my room and drink a Coke Zero. I cannot figure out who is compelling me to do this but they need to stop. You see, I feel guilty enjoying a cold Coke when my brothers are sweating. Wait; scratch that last sentence due to Revelation 21:8!
  3. In my introduction I spoke of spiritual role models and mentioned Ross Hollingsworth who is a member of my congregation. I have known him for nearly 27 years and he is one of the greatest and strongest Christians I have ever known. Barbara, his wife, is also an incredible Christian!
  4. Over the years I have been blessed beyond belief regarding those who work with me in the seminar. I am not going to try and name all of them as I know I will leave someone out. I will say that this year is an incredible blessing with Richard and Lori. Their faith can be seen and they truly model what they preach.

GREAT NEWS! Linda got her blood work back and there was no problem with Lymph Glands and no Cancer. She gave blood today to check her Thyroid. Thanks for your prayers and please continue to pray for her.

We are all fine and looking forward to tomorrow. Thanks for all of your prayers.

In Christ,

Jim Corner



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