Thursday, February 8, 2018 9:00pm – 2:00pm CST

Dear All:

The Lord has blessed us once more. The day was good with 89 men in Richard’s class, 90 women in Lori’s and 168 in the afternoon class. We feel extremely good about the classes and the response from the brethren has been excellent. Here is how the day unfolded:

Got up at 7:15 and showered, etc. and got ready for the day. Nothing out of the ordinary and Richard and I went down to climb machines to the hall. I wish you could actually come to the seminar because my feeble attempts at writing do not in the least paint an accurate picture. I stayed in Richard’s class until 10 and then went to Lori’s. We pass out evaluation forms on Thursday to be turned in on Friday. We are trying to get a better sense of what the brothers and sisters are thinking. Unfortunately, that guy that forced me to go to my room and drink a cold Coke Zero the other day did the same thing again! Got back to the hall and enjoyed the balance of Richard’s class. Oh, all of us who have spoken over here will, from time to time, use a colloquialism that is familiar to us but nothing that makes sense to the brothers. Today Richard spoke of Bible thumpers and it was a hoot to watch Glen try to figure out what he was saying and even funnier to watch Richard try to explain it! While I am thinking about it: I love dust! It is a joy being able to go out without messing around with mud and there is certainly none of that stuff here in the dry season. We came home and ate in Richard and Lori’s room. I hesitate to show the picture below as it may truly get your taste buds in a tizzy. Yum, yum!!!!!!!!!!!! I had to get back early as I met with some sisters who teach seminars on weekends and the churches that we will work with in June. Both meetings went well and my class was OK. Nothing to brag about but not too bad. You can see the group pictured below. Each year I would snap a picture of the group so I could show it to brethren in America. The brethren in Cameroon kept asking why I snap but don’t give them a photo. Well, starting two years ago we take a picture and have a professional make copies so everyone who attends can take theirs home. We will pass them out tomorrow. Afterwards, we climbed machines back to the hotel. We went across the street to a grocery store and bought a couple of soft drinks. Visited with Richard and Lori some and am in pretty good shape regarding time. Still have some stuff to do but should be in bed by 11 which would be great. Please continue to pray for Linda. She was not feeling good yesterday. It has actually been 5 months since she felt good and we are praying that one of these tests that are being done can help discover the problem so we can know the solution. The first 4 days have whizzed by and tomorrow we finish our time in Kumba. We are all doing well and thank you so much for your prayers.

In Christ,

Jim Corner

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