Wednesday, February 7, 2018 11:30pm – 4:30 CST

Dear All:

When a thought enters my mind, I have to write it immediately or senioritis will attack me. Hey, senioritis is a word as my spell checker did not go ballistic!!!! I was able to Skype with Linda last night and the picture was clear and the audio great. Elizabeth, Charlie Brown’s mom came to Grandma’s rescue so we are in her debt. I just got off of Skype with Charlie Brown and Grandma and we had a good visit.

Here is how the day unfolded:

Got up at 7:15 and did usual routine stuff. When you brush your teeth, you rinse with bottled water as the tap water is not guaranteed to be safe. It might be OK but I do not want to take a chance on coming down with Montezuma’s Revenge! Richard and I climbed machines and was only about 5 minutes early because we had some stuff come up at the last minute when we were preparing to leave. Nothing of interest but it took time. There is a reason why I shoot for an early time to leave. Richard always does a GREAT job and today was no exception. A brother named Glenn Besong has been interpreting for him and you can see them below. For those of you who are new to the blog; even though we are on the English side they speak Pidgin (not sure about the spelling) but while you can understand someone speaking Pidgin, many in the hall would not understand us. He is speaking of grace which is not the easiest subject to teach. I realize that defining the word is simple but there is much diversity in the religious world on the matter. He had the men get in groups this morning to give some examples of grace. You can see one of them below. I was able to stay in his class for the entire morning but that will not be the case for Thursday and Friday. We climbed machines to come back to the hotel. I had a working lunch so had 2 ‘things’ of sausage that they had brought and two Banana Twinkies. Even when I have to eat quickly I am able to eat healthy. Went over my lesson for the afternoon and other miscellaneous stuff. Left for the hall at 2:30 and got there while the singing was going on. My class went well and Lori was pleased with hers this morning. Jean Claude says everything is going well. We had 88 men and 90 women this morning. The afternoon class was 163. Going by previous seminars we have probably peaked. After my class I took a machine home while Richard and Lori walked. I rode for 2 reasons: 1) I love to ride machines and 2) I am tired after standing for 3 hours. We ate supper in the restaurant and as always, it was good. I have been working on various stuff since then and am ready to call it a day. We are all well and continue to say THANK YOU for your prayers.

In Christ,
Jim Corner

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