Sunday, February 4, 2018 8:00pm – 1:00pm CST

Dear All:

Great day of worship! Of course, anytime you are praising God is a good day and especially with my Cameroonian brethren. Got up at 7 after a good night’s rest. Richard said there was a loud band playing until 3am but I slept like a rock. A brother named Robert picked me at 8:45. I was so blessed because we were able to take a machine. Robert said we would look for a taxi and when I said a machine was fine; he was surprised. Brethren who do not know me think that I am too old to ride a machine. There is a Greek word for that: balderdash. I know some of you were taught it is Aramaic but it is Greek! It is only a 5-minute ride and the brethren were singing when I arrived. At that moment in time there were only about 10 but we ended up with 32 or so. You can see a picture of the worship hall below. This is the Azi Church of Christ and it is 1 ½ years old. It is in a part of Kumba. A brother named Kingsley did the song leading and he was REALLY good. I taught both the Bible class and sermon. Was a very encouraging service. At the end of the Bible class they have a period of questions and answers and I was really pleased at those that were posed. At the end the preacher was encouraging attendance and he said: ‘I cannot preach to the benches’. Went over to Hilary’s (the preacher) house for a short visit and then climbed a machine back to the hotel. Richard, Lori and I ate in their room today. For those of you who have read my missives in the past I know you have been on the edge of your seat. You have been waiting for that glorious day when you could get a new recipe from me and here it is. Take a Hormel Lasagna and place it on the plate. Then put corn, crunched up Pringles (your favorite flavor), Beenee Weenees and Spam. Thoroughly mix on your plate. For you first timers remember to eat it at room temperature. Heat kills off most of the vitamins, minerals, riboflavin and other good stuff. You will truly enjoy this dish. Teresa Blaisdell will often prepare one of our recipes for our Care Group and that is why they like her so much! Came back and did some work and then Jean Claude, Lori and I went up to the place where she will have her class. Arranged the tables and chairs and she is ready to go. Then came back to review my class for tomorrow. The time is fast approaching and we are all excited. The 4 of us then went down to have a Coke and primarily visit. We told various stories of growing up and other miscellaneous things and it was fun. I will try to see if Skype works in a bit. I am going to take a shower. The fan and A/C are both doing well. Please pray for the safety of everyone coming tomorrow. Oh, we have word that John Bechem is improving but please continue to pray for him. One final thing; Jean Claude ate ice cream yesterday morning which he is not supposed to for some health issue. I ratted him out to Mary and she was not happy. He told her that in the future when she gets a call and it says Jim; don’t pick it! We are all doing well. Thanks for your continued prayers.

In Christ,

Jim Corner

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