Saturday, February 3, 2018 9:00pm-2:00 pm CST

Dear All:

Great day! Got up at 6 for a 7am “blast off” and we left right on time at 7:45! Went to a new store in Bonaberi to get breakfast for the journey. Mary (Jean Claude’s wife) has taken the job that Linda Bassay had and cooked us some hardboiled eggs. My breakfast consisted of 3 eggs, chocolate ice cream, OJ and some roasted nuts. I think there are roughly 5 food groups and this meal had at least 8! The journey was without incident. We had to show our passports at 2 places but it was no big deal. Stopped at a roadside place and got 24 bananas for less than $2. The hotel is very nice with all of the amenities. Unfortunately, Kumba has low current so the AC does not freeze you out. Not griping; just reporting. We went across the street to buy water and stuff for the orphanage. We bought candy, bathing soap, candy, laundry soap, candy and crackers. Hey, there is a reason why these kids love me! The picture on the bottom left is some of the 43 kids that Dinah takes care of. She is a truly remarkable woman and great servant of the Lord. We also bought two large bags of ground nuts and two large bags of beans. Also 3 boxes of fish that they will smoke and can eat on for some time. Due to benevolent brethren in the States; we were also able to give her money for children’ clothing, Bibles and some personal money for her. Words and pictures cannot begin to tell the story of these children. Two of the young boys are 21 & 20 and have been there since they were about 12. The youngest is a 3-month-old. You can see Dinah with Lori and Richard below. Lori is the good looking one and Richard is the fat guy! A side note: I am somewhat depressed because I have not ridden a machine yet. Please pray for my state of mind! We got back and between when we arrived and after the orphanage; I spent time unpacking. Had a bunch of stuff but everything is well situated now. Oh, at the grocery store they had a 1-liter bottle of Coke Zero so Richard, Lori and I shared it. Had supper tonight and it was very nice. Came back to my room and Jean Claude helped me install my printer and get my internet working. For some reason my modem will not work but the hotel has Wi-Fi. I was able to call Linda but her sister Bettie, is in the hospital. Had a bad connection but she seems to think she will be OK. Her and Charlie Brown installed the new camera yesterday but it will be tomorrow before we can see if it works. Oh, if I heard correctly Elizabeth (Charlie Brown’s mother) had to redo some of his work! We are all doing well. Thanks for your continued prayers.

In Christ,
Jim Corner


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