Friday, February 2, 2018 9:00pm – 2:00pm CST

Dear All:

No pictures today as it never occurred to me to take any. Therefore, I was able to secure a picture of the MBWITW (Most Beautiful Woman in the World) and posted it. Didn’t know she was a Cameroonian, did you? I think that the MBWITW is going to be OK because she found out that the Skype problem was with the camera and sound. She is fixin to buy a new camera today and if it works; we won’t need to call a shrink! This was the last morning that I could sleep in for a long time and made it to 8:45. Slept well and got up and did normal routine stuff. The hotel here is very nice with hot water, A/C, good fridge and everything else. I have a nice desk with a nice light over it. Got on the computer and checked email. I realize that if you wrote a daily blog about what you did, it might be more or less exciting than mine. Jean Claude had some errands to run and arrived around 11am. We went down to our favorite restaurant and had a good meal and great fellowship. We were telling all kinds of stories from past trips. Oh, while I am thinking about it; today is our eldest son’s birthday as he turns 45! I called to sing him Happy Birthday but he has caller ID and did not pick up. All of my kids and grandkids behave that way but love Grandma. Why is that? We went to a nice grocery store to buy stuff for the next week. This is a really nice store. It is fascinating to look back over 30 years of mission work and notice the drastic changes in a campaign or seminar. Spent a lot of time packing but am ready for the journey. Jean Claude and Gisele came over to pick some things for the seminar. Oh; please pray for a dear brother by the name of John Bechem. He was in a motorcycle accident two days ago and is not doing well. He lives in the village of Mamfe but they had to take him to Limbe where they have a hospital that has a scanner. They fear there is a problem with the head. We are supposed to get an update tomorrow. Please keep John and his wife Lucy in prayer. Richard, Lori and I went down and had a coke and enjoyed our visit. We are leaving at 7 in the morning for Kumba. We plan to go to the orphanage at 3 and are excited about that. I am going to sign off as I still have some stuff to do but I cannot get to bed late again. Oh; I was successful last night as I got in bed at 1:20am. Please pray that we will have safe travel tomorrow; pray for our brethren who will be traveling to Kumba and continue to pray for Linda.

In Christ,

Jim Corner

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