Thursday, February 1, 2018 11:55pm – 4:55pm CST

Dear All:

I got to bed this morning at 1:40 and my goal today is 1:30 and I think I will make it! Oh, please pray for my wife’s sanity as our Skype is not working and she is going nuts. If I wrote about that yesterday just prepare yourself for a bunch of repeats. I get regular attacks of “old age” and my rememberer doesn’t do too hot of a job. My spellchecker says that rememberer is not a word but I say it is! In fact, I just added it to my dictionary! It has been a long but enjoyable day. Will try to recount as much as possible. Jean Claude was not supposed to arrive until 11am and since I had been up for about 36 hours with 3 or so hours of sleep I slept in till 9:30. Nothing all that exciting this morning although Mary (Jean Claude’s wife) came around 10:30. I had to go down to Richard and Lori’s room and Jean Claude came shortly thereafter. He had gone to a place to do a bunch of photo copies for us regarding the seminar. We then jumped into a taxi and went and had a delicious meal. Notice that it was not a deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelicious meal because it was not on a plane or in a hospital! We then hopped another taxi to go and buy things for the seminar such as paper, pens, chalk, markers and name badges. We were going to go to the super market but the “road was locked”. That means it was shut down because for the past two days there has been some type of bicycle race in town. We then went up on a balcony of the hotel and took the picture on the right below. The bunny rabbit is Jean Claude! I then went to Richard and Lori’s room to start assembly stuff for the seminar. You can see Richard manning the paper cutter and Lori doing whatever she did. There is quite a bit of work to do to prepare for the seminar. Obviously, we have spent hours upon hours on our lessons and the fun begins on Monday. To me it is like playing a sport; the hard work is before you get to the game. Or, like preaching a sermon. When I was a local preacher I never viewed Sunday as a work day although for 13 years I preached two sermons and taught a Bible class every Sunday. The work took place during the week leading up to the Lord’s Day. I had a bunch of other neat things to write about but I cannot remember them. Goes back to the rememberer thing above. Still have some stuff to do but I still believe 1:30 is in the cards. Have some final prep work to do tomorrow and off to Kumba on Saturday. Oh, please keep Linda in your prayers. She went to the doctor today and has puss in her urine. Gave her an antibiotic so that should be cleared up soon. She is also going to have a CT Scan of her chest. She is concerned so please keep her in prayer. We are all well.

In Christ,

Jim Corner


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