Thursday, November 9, 2017 11:50am-4:50am CST

Dear All:

There is not much you cannot find with a Google search. Around 1800 Shakespeare made a statement that is the “father” of: Time flies when you are having fun. Well, I have had a blast over the past 3 weeks but it is coming to an end. This will mark my 24th Howdy for this journey. It is now about 144,000 seconds before I see TMBWITW (The Most Beautiful Woman In The World) which, of course, is my gorgeous wife! Had a final good night’s rest (they have all been that way) and jumped on the computer.

Thursday, November 9, 2017 8:30pm-1:30pm CST

We have really moved since I wrote this morning. It is now only about 108,000 seconds before I see TMBWITW (see note above). If my calculations are correct I have been gone for over 2,000,000 seconds which sounds like a lot! OK; here is what has transpired since I first wrote. Jean Claude and I went to the Post Office to purchase Post Cards for my trip in February. I buy them a trip ahead and then write them on the plane going over. That way once I arrive I only need to post (mail) them. I quit sending Post Cards to my kids once I had grandkids because I know who is most important! We were able to have a next to last fantastic journey on a machine. This guy was not as good as Bangos but did manage to violate about 2,830 traffic laws! BTW: Bangos and I are pictured below. The other picture is of Jean Claude and his lovely wife Mary. Jean Claude and I then climbed machines to our eating place where we met Mary and had a marvelous lunch and time together. Mary then parted ways with us for a while and we went back to the hotel. Visited primarily about ways in which we can help the church grow in this country. If you are familiar with the States; the church has “flat-lined” regarding growth. Jean Claude told me that when Henriette went to church she was crying again and he said that it was his wish that many of us had the same sorrow for sin and joy for our salvation that she has. I will say that while I was “waxing an elephant” that Jean Claude did what many of my brethren do when I start preaching; he fell asleep. He really had a good excuse because he woke up at 3 this morning and could not go back to sleep. Then Mary came back and I visited some with her and we left for the airport @ 6. It took about 30 minutes to get here and I had to wait for another 30 before I could go inside. Then waited another 30 before I went up to get my boarding pass. The man said he needed my ticket # which I did not have so I got out of line and went to the Air France office and the man was very nice and handled my situation quickly. Got back in line and then cleared Customs with no problem. I do not know when we will start boarding but they have moved me to another gate as our gate is not open. It has very nice A/C and I hunted an electrical outlet. Found three that looked wonderful but one problem; no electricity. Well, I do not deter easily so I found a ‘strip’ at the podium where the airline workers work and I am using it. Don’t worry; no one is here so it is fine. We are scheduled to board in about 2 ½ hours and I may not write again until I am in Paris. There is a fairly tight connection, depending on whether or not we are on time. Of course, by the time you read this I will be in America. Oh; usually when I go through security I simply tell them I have a Pacemaker and that is enough. Tonight, however, they demanded that I show them my documentation and fortunately, I always carry it with me. They go through your carry-on in a fairly rigorous way which is fine with me.

Friday, November 10, 2017 8:45am-4:45am CST

It is now under 57,000 seconds before you know what! As you can see; we have crossed 2-time zones. Let me try to remember some stuff since I last wrote: I watched a movie that took me almost to the time we were to board in Douala. Got on the plane and had a nice seat with extra legroom. Within an hour of taking off (we were about 45 minutes late) I was able to enjoy another GREAT airplane meal. I then went to sleep for about 3 hours. There is a reason why it is hard to sleep in coach; you are in this little seat with no recline. Actually, you can recline it some but if someone is behind me (and there was) I practice Matthew 7:12. The flight was smooth and the pilot made up all but 7 minutes. Deplaned and leisurely went through security and then leisurely bought some earrings for Linda. Let me pause here; my lovely wife only has 842 pair of earrings so she had ordered me (and the operative word is ordered) to get her some more. Well, I went to one place and found a nice-looking pair and then discovered they cost $1,700. Now, my wife is priceless but she ain’t worth that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Was able to go to another store and find some far, far, far, far, far, far, far. far less expensive ones! I then took a leisurely walk to my gate as the timing was good. We were scheduled to take off at 9:10 but the flight was delayed about 30 minutes. Will still have no problem in making my connection in Atlanta. I was able to go over my class that I will teach next Wednesday night. I have another nice seat and am fixin to watch an episode of the Rockford Files. That is the favorite TV series of Tucker Harding, Rob Foster and Bryan Rendon. I have electricity in this seat so I will be on my computer for the much of the flight.

Let me spend a few minutes in reminiscing about this trip. For the most part; this will be stuff that I have already written. Jean Claude and I were discussing yesterday afternoon of what a great trip this was. We were able to share the gospel with so many and witness many new births. I would ask you to pray for 1) Those who gave their lives to Christ. My prayer is that they did not simply take a bath. 2) Those who, for whatever reasons, said no to Jesus. It causes great distress in knowing that they are not prepared to meet the Lord. 3) For the churches who will be responsible for the nurturing of the new babes and following up on those that did not give their lives to the Lord I want to draw your attention to the Small Church Leadership Seminars we want to begin. I am acutely aware that you cannot give to every mission work and if you cannot help financially; I understand. We do need congregations and individual brethren who will help fund these seminars. Jean Claude believes that they will have a great impact on not only the leaders but the churches overall. Switching gears; I am grateful to our GREAT God for the way He took care of us from start to finish. We had 100% good food, 100% good lodging, 100% safe travel and 100% good health. The internet connections were good and you were able to receive my “garbage” each day (which may or may not be a blessing). It would be interesting to know how many prayers you sent to the Father as I know they were in the thousands upon thousands and I am deeply grateful.

1:30pm-11:30am CST

Roughly 25,000 seconds to go! We are now within one-time zone and are scheduled to land in a little over 1 hour. I have spent several hours reading a book that Bob Deister recommended. It is on instrumental music and what is fascinating is that it was written by a man who is a member of a denomination that uses instruments. He fully understands that there is no Biblical basis for instruments. I was aware that IM is a recent phenomenon but I have learned so much. It was not until 1200 that the Roman Catholic church adopted it. Some tried to bring it in earlier but they were rebuffed. You have to get into the late 1700s to early 1800s before it became accepted in “mainline denominations”. Due to the fact that most denominations use the instrument today many believe it has always been that way. As stated above, there is no Scriptural basis for IM in the worship of God but theologian after theologian (I mean a whole bunch) castigated it for centuries. I also have done some work on the computer and watched one more episode of the Rockford Files. We will clear Customs in Atlanta and I will have to claim my luggage and then recheck it to Dallas. Scheduled to land at DFW at 5:50pm and Dean, my wondrous son-in-law will pick me.

The work in Cameroon is going well. As with any work in any part of the world; it is not going as quickly as I would like. The reality, however, is that I have a 21-year window and progress is definitely being made. I was speaking to Jean Claude regarding this yesterday and he concurs. I have stated this in numerous reports but I believe the greatest growth of the church in Cameroon is one to two generations away. There are many mindsets that will have to be changed. Such as: 1) evangelism is the sole domain of the preacher 2) Bible reading is not necessarily that important (I am overstating the case as we have many devoted members) 3) children are not all that important but that is changing as well. I never want to leave the impression that everything in Cameroon is hunky-dory because it is not. I still maintain that direction is what is of utmost importance to the growth of a local body or the church as a whole in a country. What I see is that the direction is headed in the right way.

I am fixin to shut this down and may or may not write anything else before I post this tomorrow. A dear sister in my congregation by the name of Dora Grayson passed away last Saturday and her service is tomorrow. I will lead the congregational singing and look forward to seeing her beloved husband, Bob. They had been married for 70 years and I know this is his greatest loss. I would plea for you to continue to pray for Linda. I cannot thank you enough for all of the prayers you have uttered on both my part and Linda’s. I am grateful to be a child of God and have so many wonderful brothers and sisters.

3:30pm-2:30pm CST

Well, here I am and the countdown is at 18,000. I was in Row 10 which is the first row after Business so got off quickly and have NEVER went through Customs so fast. Waited a short period for my luggage but it arrived and the longest wait was going through security. I then got on the train and went to Arby’s for lupper (or is it linner)? I eat at Arby’s 3 times a year and it is always in the Atlanta airport. It was very nice. Got back on the train and have made it to the gate with no problems. I tried to call Linda but she did not answer which leaves 2 possibilities: 1) she has caller ID or 2) she was driving. My ego will go with #2. Well, this will be my last post. Once again, I cannot thank you enough for your prayers, love and concern.

In Christ,

Jim Corner

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