Wednesday, November 8, 2017 5:05pm-10:05am CST

Dear All:

Have you ever flown and been caught where you circled the airport for a time or were diverted because of weather? Well, as much as I love my work in Cameroon, once it is finished I am ready to be home. Unfortunately, it is not a short drive. As I write, I am still about 53 hours from touching down in Dallas. This will be a rather short missive as I do not have a lot to write about. Yesterday Linda went to a GI doctor and he had her tests from the hospital several weeks back. He does not believe she had or has Pancreatitis but something else. In early December she will have some kind of test where they will put a camera (kind of like a Brownie) down her throat to see what is happening. Now; unless you are old you have no idea of what a Brownie is so if you are young; talk to your grandparents! I had a restful night of sleep and did not set my alarm but still woke up at 8. It is irritating when you can sleep in but you can’t sleep in, if you know what I mean. I have not been out of the hotel all day but have still accomplished a great deal on my computer. I want to say that I have been blessed on this trip in that my Howdys have posted each time with no trouble. I have been discouraged in that only a small handful of people have taken the time to write to me. I know you are busy and your prayers mean more than an email. One of the blessings of Skype is that I go over the mail each day with Linda. That way I can have her throw out stuff that we don’t need and it saves me time once I get home. Also, the last few days have allowed me to get a lot of stuff done that I would normally do once I got home. The picture on the left below is of the traffic outside of my hotel. Quadruple that number of vehicles and you have an idea of what it looks like during rush hour. On the left is Jim Ella; Jean Claude’s second daughter. She is 19 and was named after Jim Ella Clemons who lives in Muleshoe, TX. Jim Ella made a trip here in 1997 or 1998. I have already had supper and will take a shower. I have done a lot of packing today which seems to take a long time. I am in pretty good shape for tomorrow but will not leave the hotel until 6pm. I will start my final Howdy tomorrow and write a number of times on the way home. Lord willing, I will post it on Saturday. I am feeling great and looking forward to Skyping with Charlie Brown and Grandma but that will be in about 6 hours. Thank you for all of your prayers.

In Christ,

Jim Corner

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