Tuesday, November 7, 2017 9:30pm-2:30pm CST

Dear All:

As we have finished another campaign; let me make a baseball analogy. If you are familiar with the game you realize that if a hitter bats 300 for the year; he has excelled. Even though he has failed to get a hit 70% of the time a 300 average is excellent. During the course of the year he will have slumps where it seems like he will never get another hit and other times when it seems as though he cannot be put out. Campaigns are that way in this way; each day we want to teach many prospects and see many surrender their lives to the Lord. Just as the player wants to do good every day, but it does not always work out that way. Today was a discouraging end to the campaign because the Dakar congregation had no prospects for us to teach. It was not their fault as they had 4 prospects but all backed out. That does not, however, remove the fact that the Lord blessed us with a fruitful campaign. He led us to teach the gospel to 53 and witness the baptisms of 20. I went back over my records and this has been the most fruitful journey in October since 2012.

The day was hardly a waste. I got up at 8 after another good night’s rest. It is still well over an hour before I will get to Skype with Linda and see how her day went. I was on the phone with Jean Claude this morning as he was calling the preacher at Dakar to see what the situation was. I was able to complete my class for the next two months along with the PPT. I was also able to edit my trip report and get it in fairly good shape. I also finished a PPT regarding this trip so all in all, I was able to accomplish a lot. Jean Claude did come over and we visited and then went to lunch. As you can imagine; he is occupied with the arrangements for Pierre so I told him that he does not need to come over tomorrow as I can work and entertain myself. The picture on the left below is of Bangos and his wife, Glory. The picture on the left was taken just before we baptized Henriette on Sunday. Jean Claude told me today that she was so happy after the baptism. I was also able to get some emailing done to my wonderful daughter-in-law and her sister who will make my PPTs look good. I can make a “vanilla” presentation but nothing that looks all that hot. I remember when Michael and Jennifer moved back to Garland from a small town near San Antonio. The first time she did a presentation the brethren came up and said: wow, that is the best one you have ever done to which I replied: I have been working hard on my PPT capabilities. Don’t worry; I finally confessed. One of the happiest days of my son-in-law’s life was when Michael and Jennifer moved back. Up until that point he was stuck with helping me and the word stuck is probably a good way of putting it! I am going to relax a bit tonight. Thank you for all of your prayers.

In Christ,
Jim Corner

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