Monday, November 6, 2017 11:25pm-4:25 CST

Dear All:

Unfortunately; a typical day in the major city of Douala. Not sure how many prospects you would have on a Monday but we had one and I will speak about him in a few minutes. I got up at 8 after a restful night of sleep. While my beloved wife has had more than her share of troubles while I have been gone; everything here has gone smoothly. Bangos (Martin) was supposed to pick me at 9:30 so I was waiting outside until 10. The culprit was a number of errands that Jean Claude had to do and once they got to the bridge in Bonaberi the traffic was a nightmare. We had a nice ride to the church hall which is about 20-30 minutes away. The picture on the right is what we would have to cross to get to the hall so Bangos was able to fine a backdoor. We had a nice study with a man named David. He has been totally confused by false doctrine. My “reading” of him is that he is sincere and loves the Lord. As we know from Matthew 7:21-23; there are many who accept the Lordship of Jesus who will never see Heaven because they are failing to do His will. It is sad to think that Hell will have a high population of really good people. We know, of course, that we are not saved because we are good but because of our faith in the Lord Jesus and His bountiful grace. What you never find in Scripture is grace, mercy or forgiveness promised to anyone other than a faithful child of God. Many of you who are reading this have children and they are yours because you begat them. Unless I have been born again into the family of God; no amount of religiosity or moral behavior will save me. We studied for a long time with David and I can only pray that the seed we planted will ultimately bear fruit. The Logpom Church of Christ is situated in a difficult area. Many who live there hail from the West Region and I wrote about that in an earlier HOWDY. Below left are Jean Claude; Dafta (the preacher) and one of the members named Xavier. When we left the hall, we climbed a steep and rocky road. Typically, I do not hold on when I am riding a machine but figgered that the back of my head would not enjoy bouncing off the ground so I held on till we reached the top. Had another good shower and supper.

Miscellaneous Thoughts:

1. I may or may not have told you that a figure of speech they use for taking a shortcut is to dodge the traffic.

2. The lifter is on “holiday” again. It seems that every other day the lifter decides that it is tired. The silver lining in this is that I am getting some good exercise. This past February Louise and my brother Don never took the lifter. I tend to be more efficient with my time and energy.

3. We will not all have the same opinion but I believe the two greatest teachings of Scripture that the Devil has messed up are baptism and the church. As you know; the Bible is crystal clear regarding the fact that baptism is a burial or immersion. The problem is that prejudice blinds our brains. You do not need a PH.D. in Theology to understand what the Bible says about baptism. Also; the Bible is quite clear that Jesus built one church (Matthew 16:18) and the concept of denominationalism is foreign to the Scriptures. Our goal is to help people simply see and understand what the Scriptures teach and not what we or anyone else believes.

4. You may have noticed above that since Daylight Savings Time kicked in this past weekend that there is now 7 hours between you and me.

I just Skyped with Charlie Brown and Grandma. Her BP is still a bit high and the doctor changed some medicine and she goes back next Monday. Please continue to pray for her. As they would say on the English side: she is small better. Thank you for your continued prayers. Tomorrow we work with the Dakar Church of Christ and that will conclude the campaign. It has really been a good one. Your prayers have contributed mightily to that fact!

In Christ,
Jim Corner

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