Sunday, November 5, 2017 9:30pm-3:30pm CST

Dear All:

It was good to be back in the saddle today and it was a REALLY good day. I am simply going to begin at the beginning:

Got up at 6:50 to prepare for worship. Have slept well every night and I was ready to go down to collect a machine at 8:20. Was able to secure one immediately and the ride to the church hall is only about 10 minutes. As in the States; the traffic is light on Sunday morning. Jean Claude’s congregation is completely remodeling the facility and where we worshipped will not be the permanent hall. You can see it below and it will handle about 150 or so. When the upstairs is completed it will house well over 200. I think I told you yesterday that one Sunday per month they suspend Bible class and have a praise service. It lasted for 1 hour but it seemed like 15 minutes. It was a blessing to sing with my brethren. A brother named Franklin led the singing and this young man can REALLY sing! Jean Claude’s daughter Linda lives at a boarding school that is run by a denominational church. That worries me but he says that she has been preaching to the teachers about their false doctrine and has been disciplined for this on two occasions. They practice the false teaching of sprinkling for baptism and Linda has been preaching to her fellow students that the Bible clearly says burial. They also took her NIV Bible away and gave her a version that uses Saturday and Sunday interchangeably. The worship service was wonderful and they had asked me to preach on service so I used the examples of Jesus in Matthew 20:20ff; John 13:1ff and Philippians 2:1ff. After worship I had a Bible study with a woman named Henriette and she gave her life to the Lord. I do not know about you but sometimes I am emotional in worship and other times not. The song service moved me to tears several times as did my study with Henriette. She, in fact, began crying when she fully understood her lost state. She has some problems that the church is going to help her with and I would ask you to keep her in prayer. She is in the photo below with Michael; the young man who baptized her. Her daughter’s name is Precious and she is! The journey to the “baptistery” is 20 minutes in light traffic but within less than a year; the congregation will have an inside baptistery in the hall. After the baptism Martin carried me back to the hotel. I took a shower, ate lunch and have been on my computer ever since.

Miscellaneous thoughts:

1. A dear brother named Fred Mboka came up to me this morning and called me a young man. Can’t remember the last time anyone referred to me in that matter and the reality is that I was either the oldest person in the hall or certainly in the top 5. I told Fred that if I am a young man he is a small boy! Fred is probably around 45 and is a Colonel in the army and a medical doctor.

2. I don’t expect you to remember everything I write in my HOWDYS. Without being too arrogant I must confess that I am multi-talented. For example; I can 1) cross my eyes 2) cross one eye and keep the other straight 3) whistle through my hands. You really have to see that to believe it and you will be highly impressed. Well, before the song service two of the boys were trying to whistle with their hands and I remember teaching them how to do this last year. They still have a long way to go.

3. I road with a taxi driver to the baptism and he must think that he was driving a machine because we blew right through a red light. That is common for machines (I am not sure if they have any rules) but not for automobiles.

4. I mentioned a song the other day. Many of the choruses are simple in their words but also very powerful. We sung one today that says: He will never abandon me. He has written my name in the palms of His hand. He will never abandon me. I don’t know if the song writer took this from Hebrews 13:5 but it does fit.

5. Getting to church is far different in a 3rd world country than in the States. Many have to trek (walk) far distances or take more than one taxi. Douala is larger than Dallas and only has 5 congregations. If you live near Dallas or are familiar with any town of more than 1 million; that is amazing.

I just Skyped with Linda and her BP is up again. She did not sleep well last night and makes her weekly pilgrimage to the doctor tomorrow. We will be so happy when she is fully well. She has been blessed by so many at our congregation and for that we are thankful. Tomorrow Jean Claude and I will work in Logpom which is a relatively new Douala area congregation. Thanks for your continued prayers.

In Christ,
Jim Corner


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