Thursday, November 2, 2017 7:00pm-1:00pm CST

Dear All:

Here I go again; it was a GREAT day. John will tell us in I John 3:1 of what a great privilege it is to be called a child of God! I can only speak for myself but I am confident that I oftentimes fail to see how blessed I am. I don’t want to think that I take God for granted but I fear that at times I do. When I see how He has blessed me in both spiritual and physical ways; I marvel. Today we were blessed to teach the gospel to 5 and two of them yielded their lives in baptism. They are pictured on the left below and their names are Elvis and Hilda. I feel extremely confident regarding Hilda and less so about Elvis. Of course, our judgment is flawed and I can only pray that they will grow in the faith. Here is the day:

Got up at 7:15 as Martin was to pick me at 8:30. He is very punctual and when I walked down from the hotel; there he was. The journey to Bonaberi only took 30 minutes whereas it was over one hour yesterday. Two reasons why; 1) I was on a machine 2) the traffic was lighter today. Now light is a relative term. That is like saying my beloved wife is tall when compared to Charlie Brown! Nevertheless; we arrived with no problems and were to meet Scott and Jean Claude at a small bakery. I took Martin in and bought him a few things and got myself some Orange Juice. Jean Claude and Scott came shortly thereafter and we headed to Kombe. The trip is about 1 hour but on a good tar road. When we arrived, the church was there and we had worship first. We had good singing and a so-so sermon but I did the best I can! I really enjoy worshipping with my Cameroonian brethren. While I was speaking I could feel a small child on my leg so I was careful not to move and step on him. He was a cute kid! We then began to study and I taught Elvis and Hilda while Jean Claude took 3 others in a nearby house. Those three were very stubborn in failing to see what the Bible plainly teaches about salvation. We studied with one of them last year and he said he was close but needed to think more about it. Well, he has had a year to think plus the good teaching that Jean Claude gave him today but he still wants to think. The word tomorrow is one that the devil delights in his children saying. To call the devil ungodly would be to make the biggest understatement ever but to say he is a fool, in one way would also be wrong. He knows what he is doing and if he can convince someone to say tomorrow today; he knows that with each passing day it will be more difficult to say yes. The prospects were finished early so we left about 3 or so. On our campaigns we do not “door knock” but work with those who have indicated a desire to study the Word of God. The journey back to Bonaberi went smoothly and I met Martin who carried me back to the hotel. More about that in #4 below. The Lord has blessed us with good lodging in each town we have been in. I had a good shower and a good supper.

Miscellaneous thoughts:

1. There are many times when I am only in the presence of French speakers and it can be frustrating to try and communicate. I am sure they are as frustrated as I am. On virtually every trip, I come to despise the people at the tower of Babel more and more. If those jokers had kept their act together; we could travel extensively and speak with all of our fellow humans.

2. I have a new problem; now I am a member of the Kombe Church of Christ as they told me I was one of them! I don’t know where I should put my membership. Any ideas?

3. It is really interesting when you teach prospects. The vast majority of them are taking notes and writing down each Scripture.

4. If you are getting tired of my “machine stories” then you need to skip to the next point. It was a JOY riding back with Martin. I am thinking about calling him MW which stands for Marvelous Weaver. This brother can move in and out as well as anyone I have ever seen. As I sit on the machine I try and calculate his next move and sometimes I am right and other times I am not. Regardless, we always get through. If you were riding for the first time there would be many times in which you were sure he was trying something that would not work but after enough times with this good brother; you know that he knows what he is doing. The traffic is still horrendous on the bridge but he is able to move from one side of the road to the other and dart in between vehicles but he always has at least a ¼ inch to spare! I know how to drive a machine but if I tried in the States as they do here; I would be in the pokey.

5. I want you to note the picture on the right below. The sister’s name is Mirabel and when I baptized her some years ago she was pregnant with the child you see. She is a strong member and her husband is currently in preaching school. There are a good number of the Kombe brethren who were taught and baptized on our campaigns. It is always good to see those that you taught who are growing in their faith.

6. It is a blessing to have a computer and access to the internet. If the day is slow I am still able to get a great deal of work done. There is really no such thing as down time.

7. I am on the second floor of the hotel and they have a lifter that is less than one year old. However, it does not always enjoy working so I have to climb the steps. There are 41 versus 36 at the hotel in Yaounde. Even though that is a small difference it seems as though this climb is so much more. Possibly because I know there is a lifter.

I need to say something about Linda. I know that many husbands are prejudiced and would claim that their wife is the best in the world. I am thankful that they think that way but all of them are wrong. There can only be one BEST and that is Linda Corner. She is the epitome of a self-less Christian. I am in my element in Cameroon and while I miss her; I am having the time of my life. I am doing exactly what I enjoy doing. Over the years many good brethren have praised me as being a sacrificial person and while I appreciate the compliment; they are wrong. You see, sacrifice (at least as I understand the word) has some level of pain. It may be financial pain, emotional pain or some other. I would think you would agree that there are brethren (this does not make them bad) who would never countenance the thought of coming to this country. The pain of being away from a loved one or the fear of the unknown keeps them in America. I need to be careful; you do not have to go to Cameroon or any other foreign land to go to heaven. However, it hurts me when I think of good brethren I know who would make a great impact here who will not come because they are unwilling to make a short-term sacrifice. Now back to Linda; she is a dear sister but one who is so dependent on me. She realizes, however, that by allowing me to come the Kingdom is growing. I am telling the truth: I receive far more praise than I deserve and if it were not for this godly wife, this ministry would not exist. I praise God for Linda and know that so many will spend eternity with our Lord because of her willing sacrifice.

I cannot remember what I say from one day to the next but Linda was much better yesterday. It is still over 2 hours before I will Skype with her and Charlie Brown. We continue to do well and never forget nor take for granted your prayers.

In Christ,

Jim Corner


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