Tuesday, October 31, 2017 10:30pm-4:30pm CST

Dear All:

WHEW!!! It has been a tiring day. Got up at 5:50 for a 7:00am departure and actually left 5 minutes early. Traffic in Bafoussam was tough for a while but once we got on the open road it was smooth sailing. Scott is doing a great job of driving us and he is pictured below with Jean Claude. The slowness of the day began in Bonaberi which is a suburb of Douala. They are doing massive road construction which will really be nice when it is finished but not now. Once we hit that traffic it took us 90 minutes to travel about 10 miles. You can see a picture below and it gives a small reason why I prefer machines in Douala. That 90-minute journey would have been 20 or so on a machine. We then went to a grocery store to buy a few things. The A/C on the car was not working well plus the brakes started showing that they weren’t in the best of shape coming down out of Bafoussam. You travel steep inclines and Scott had to constantly be on his brakes. I suggested that he downshift but he kept going his way. At any rate; we spent 3 ½ hours at a mechanics place of business as they took care of these two items and they did a good job. Jean Claude was late for a family meeting as we had thought we would be finished much earlier. Oh, we first dropped off Jean Claude’s stuff at his house and I mentioned that Mary would now be sad to which he replied: The troublemaker has returned. We had ordered supper at the hotel but because of time Jean Claude had to take his with him. Scott and I enjoyed our supper together. This journey back to Douala is quite different from all other campaigns. Generally, once we get back we are headed home within one or two days. Instead, I will be here 10 more days including today. Tomorrow we will work in Mujuka and Martin will pick me and take me to Bonaberi so it will be good to be on a machine again. I just finished Skyping with Charlie Brown and Grandma. She was feeling really bad this morning but Carolyn Moore took her to the doctor and that turned out to be good. A previous doctor had changed her BP medicine to one that lowered her sodium and it was already too low. Her BP is now good and she is going to see a Hematologist. I am praying, as I know you are, for her recovery. This has been a long 6 weeks or so. I am shot so am fixin to go to bed. Jean Claude and I are doing well. Thank you for your prayers.

In Christ,
Jim Corner

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