Monday, October 30, 2017 8:00pm-2:00pm CST

Dear All:

Another section of the journey is completed with one more to go. Today we were in Bafoussam and had 4 Bible studies and 2 baptisms. The two who were baptized are on the left below and their names are Bertran and Tony. I do not know how many famous people you have ever met but Tony’s full name is Tony Blair. Never thought I would meet a former leader of England! The picture on the right is the baptistry and that water is moving faster than it appears. I would not even think about doing a video of walking down to this place as I would have ended up in 18 pieces. The other two studies were taught by Jean Claude and he said they had no interest in looking at the Word but only defending their false beliefs. Romans 6:17 says there is a form of teaching and that word form is the same word as mold. For example, this Christmas if you are making cookies and you have a 6-pointed star as your mold or form; every star that is made with that form will have 6 points and will be the same size. You will not get a reindeer or a Santa Claus from that cookie cutter. On each journey I make I see the power and influence of the devil.

Here is the day:

Got up at 8:15 after another good night’s rest. BTW: when I spoke to Linda last night she was having a bad day and had barely slept the night before. We just have no idea what the problem is an unfortunately, neither do the doctors. Tomorrow she is scheduled to go back to our primary care doctor. We left at about 9:45 and the church hall is only 5 minutes away. It is actually a school room but it is only for night school. At first it did not appear that we would have any prospects but finally they came and you see the results above. After the baptisms we came back to the hall and had a worship service. Everything went well. We got back to the hotel around 4:45 and fairly soon went down for supper. I should have snapped what Jean Claude ate so you would know what NOT to eat if you make a journey with me. I am mostly packed for tomorrow as we plan to leave at 7 for Douala. We have 6 area congregations that we will work with once there. I just called Linda and she is in bed and feeling bad. It is a rather hopeless feeling being on this side of the ocean. Of course, since I am not a doctor don’t know what I could do if I was there.

Jean Claude and I are both doing well. Thanks for your prayers.

In Christ,

Jim Corner



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