Sunday, October 29, 2017 7:55pm-1:55pm CST

Dear All:

There is no such thing as a bad day when you are a child of God. The only difference is that some days are better than others and today was a GREAT day. That is true on many fronts but let me begin with, by far, the most important. The Lord led us to teach the gospel to 8 with 5 of them surrendering to be immersed into Jesus. Two by Jean Claude, one by the brethren and I had the other. Below from left to right are Ransom and Andy. I taught Andy who is a 21-year-old student and had a marvelous study. Ransom was taught by one of the brethren. Jean Claude feels very good about the 3 he baptized. The day was GREAT because of our worship. It was truly inspiring and a joy to praise God with my Cameroonian brethren. The song leader did an EXCELLENT job and the entire time was of great benefit. It was also GREAT because of the children. You will see a picture of them below. Their class is right next to ours so at the beginning the big people and the little people were dueling and I liked the little people’s singing the best! It was also GREAT (I typically do not capitalize so many words but they all deserve it) because I saw Max and Joyce. This is a wonderful couple that I taught and baptized 3 years ago. They have both jumped in with both feet and are growing in their faith which pleases me to no end. The congregation is bi-lingual and Max does the interpretation from English to French as the two leading members are English speakers.

Even with what I have written above; let me recap some of the items of the day. Got up at 6 as we were leaving at 7:30 for Bangante and promptly left at 8! No matter as we arrived right on time. When I last worked here it was raining and very muddy and the mud was very slippery. I remember taking great care to put one foot in front of the other. Today the sun was shining all day and all of the studies were in the church hall so the weather had no impact. Our worship service began around 2:45 and after the sermon we hopped in our car to return. We took a sister with a child, twins and another girl plus Jean Claude, Scott and myself. I am going to talk about the “other girl” below. When we arrived, I took a shower and then we went down to supper. The food was marvelous and we enjoyed our time together. I have been working ever since and should be done in an hour or so. I will Skype with Linda soon and pray that she is feeling better. I think I sent my blog yesterday before I spoke with her and she was feeling worse. I pray that today has been a better one.

Miscellaneous Thoughts:

1. The “other girl” mentioned above is named Minette (not sure if that is the correct spelling). She is an inspiration and a unique child. Minette is 23 years of age and when she was 16 she wanted to give her life to Christ. Her parents were staunch members of a denomination and they refused. Well, Minette understood that Jesus must come first and she was baptized. Her parents then repeatedly beat her well and refused to pay her school fees. She did not know what would happen; only that the Lord would take care of her and He did. Through the help of the church, she moved to another town and stayed with the preacher and his family. The church put her through the university and she is doing well.

2. There is so much idolatry in the West Region. Gregory was telling me that after a father is dead and buried; after 10-15 years they will exhume the body and remove the skull. They will then worship their ancestor. They will also give it food, that’s right, place food in the skull. The idea is they give him the food he liked best in this life and he will bless them. Gregory pointed out that even those with high levels of education practice this. This part of Cameroon is a most difficult field in which to evangelize. The church in Bangante is strong but most of its members are English speakers who moved to the West (French speaking) due to employment.

3. Gregory has 6 boys and included are 2 sets of twins. The first set are 8 years old and the last are 9 months old. Just thinking about that wears me out! Gregory and Lovelind (his wife) are really strong Christians.

4. After the morning worship and while we were teaching the lost; the sisters had a meeting to discuss how they could grow in their love for one another. There was activity in that hall all day until the closing prayer in the afternoon.

5. I love the many “choruses” they sing. Those are songs that are in no book but are in their hearts. One that we sang with the new converts says: Make me a vessel unto honor in which we are asking the Lord to help us glorify Him.

6. Camera phones have overtaken Cameroon! After the afternoon worship everybody was pulling out their phone to snap a picture of someone. It was very encouraging.

7. I was alarmed yesterday because I have a bathroom scale in my room. I got on the scale and weighed 36! I knew I was slim and trim but was unaware of how emaciated I was. Fortunately, the scale is in kilos and not pounds. I think that puts me at 140 or so (at least I hope so).

8. Jean Claude has been a bad boy and has eaten and drank some stuff he is not supposed to. I ratted on him to Mary and she told me she would punish him upon his return to Douala. He is now thinking about going to Gabon to save his skin!

We are both doing well and we are aware that your prayers are playing a GREAT part in the success of this campaign. Tomorrow we will work in Bafoussam and are looking forward to our time with prospects and the brethren.

In Christ,
Jim Corner

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