Saturday, October 28, 2017 7:00pm-1:00pm CST

Dear All:

We are here and “here” is Bafoussam which is the capital city of the West Region. Got up at 5:55 with a departure time of 7 and we did not miss it by much. A sister in Christ in Yaounde has a car and she has allowed us to use it on this part of the journey. It is the same car that took us to Sangmelima. BTW: have you been practicing on your pronunciation of Sangmelima? As in the States; Saturday is not a work day so we did not have much trouble at all getting out of Yaounde. You will be proud to know that I had Plantain Chips (very tasty), some Fig Newtons (better than Nabisco) and Orange Juice. Was hoping for some ice cream to get my dairy in but they did not have any. Rats!!!!!!! I took the two pictures below on our journey. The one on the left is a typical market on the main road where they sell all sorts of things. The bus on the right is a 70 seater and I have ridden many like this one. The entire journey took about 5 hours and we are staying at the Talotel Hotel where we have lodged many times in the past. My predicament is that while my A/C is really good; it only blows one way so from time to time I have to turn it off so I can thaw out. The room is very nice as the other hotels have been. From my early years in working in both Ghana and Cameroon I can attest that the hotels have really improved. Also, Cameroon is hosting the Africa Cup in 2019 and the government is forcing hotels to either spruce things up or be shut down. After we arrived we went to a nearby grocery store and bought a few things. The only thing I got was some Cookies and a Chocolate Bar because I need to be able to keep my strength up! We then went and had supper and the hotel has a buffet which was real nice. Had rice, beef, chicken, green beans and hard-boiled eggs. Yum, yum!!!!!!!!!! I tried to call Linda but she has caller ID and now recognizes my number so I may not talk to her again until I get home. I am going to go over my Bible class and sermons for tomorrow. We will work in Bangante which is about 45 minutes away. The road, however, is a good tar road. Hopefully I will have so good pictures tomorrow and good news about the day. I also need to do some emailing but hopefully that won’t take long. We are doing well and ask that you continue your prayers as I know you will.

In Christ,
Jim Corner

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