Thursday, October 26, 2017 9:00PM-3:00PM CST

Dear All:

I am shot!!!!!!!!! Not because of a long day; not because of teaching the gospel; not because of preaching the Word. No, it was the machine ride from the church hall tonight to the road. Let me try and explain. When we went there was no rain and even though the road had more than its fair share of bumps and bruises (I am being exceedingly kind) we were able to go most of the way before we got on foot. While I was teaching it began to rain and I knew that no car can go on that road when it is raining. It is about 2 miles to the main road and we walked about a ¼ of a mile and then Jean Claude and I climbed the same machine and off we went. We went down and then up and down and then up. My arm was sore once we got to the road because I had to hold on to the frame or do my Superman impersonation, less the ability to fly! If Linda had been on this machine here BP would be about 875/680!!!! I do believe it was the most exciting ride I have ever been on. Did lots of praying and the Lord was with us. These guys can really drive well!

The day began as usual. Because we were not going out until noon, I slept till 9. As stated earlier this week; the majority of the churches we are working with in Yaounde simply do not have anyone to teach during the morning. I remember over a decade (maybe two) ago that my congregation had a campaign and we studied with few people at any time of the day. We have been blessed thus far to study with 25 souls in just 5 days and for that we are grateful. 8 have been immersed and we are praying for each one of them. Due to the internet and my computer; I am still able to get a sizable amount of work done at the hotel. I slept well again and everything at the hotel is working well. I cannot remember if I told you that this hotel has a generator and twice I have noticed the power go out but within 5 seconds or so everything was restored. Jean Claude called me around 11:30 to inform me that we would not go out until 2 so we ordered lunch and Simon ate with us. I have had the same thing every day because if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. That may not be the best figger of speech to use but hopefully you get my point. Once we arrived at Mendong we waited for a short period of time and then the prospects came. We taught 7 with 2 being immersed. I did not get their pictures because by the time they got back from the baptism, it was too dark and the hall only has two small lights. They were two girls named Mercy and Geraldine and the study went well. Of the other 5 I feel very good about 2, good about 2 and not good at all regarding one. However, my feelings don’t determine who will and who will not accept the gospel so we will pray for them all. You can see the church hall below. It is very small as the attendance tops out at about 20 on Sunday morning. The building was a former store and a sister in Christ gave it to the church. I was told that it was a rickety building and the youth of Yaounde paid to have it renovated. You can see the signboard on the right. After the machine ride the taxi ride nearly put me to sleep. Now if my dear sister-in-law Ellen was here; the taxi would have led to cardiac arrest. To get her on the machine we would have to tranquilizer her and tied her down! Got back and Jean Claude is eating while I am working. Don’t worry; I will find something to eat in a bit. Please pray for Mark Partlow who is a member at my congregation. He had a stint put in today. Also, Linda was feeling so bad yesterday that she did not pick up Charlie Brown but had his oldest sister do it. Two dear sisters: Mae Hunter and Carolyn Moore came over to be with Linda and Carolyn spent the night. She has spent at least one other night with Linda. It is so good to have Christian brethren!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Linda went to the doctor today and I will Skype with her in about an hour to find out the diagnosis. Please continue to pray for her. Jean Claude and I are doing well. Thank you for all of your prayers.

In Christ,

Jim Corner


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