Tuesday, October 24, 2017 9:00pm-3:00pm CST

Dear All:

We were blessed with fruit today. The Lord led us to teach 8 and 3 were baptized. Our prayer is that they were also converted. The first two that were baptized were Christibel and Jean Claude. They are both 21 and hopefully will serve the Lord for many years. They had been visiting the church for some time. As I have told you so many times in the past; the work that the local church does before we arrive makes all of the difference in the world. Armel was the 3rd one to be baptized. I am somewhat concerned because even though he was excited; we had previously taught his mother who is very confused about a host of Biblical issues. I am praying that the local church will help him in his spiritual walk. From left to right below are Armel, Jean Claude and Christibel. Oh, I asked Christibel and Jean Claude how old they thought I was; she said 77 and he said 66 so he is my friend!

Here is how the day unfolded: slept really well with the A/C doing its job. I did turn it up so that I would be able to function today. Yaounde has nearly 1 million people and is much like a large city in the States; namely that most are workers and cannot study in the morning as they can in a village. Hence, we did not leave the hotel until 1:20. I was able to work on a sermon this morning that I will preach at Jean Claude’s congregation on November 5. You cannot quickly write a sermon, at least a decent one, so I was able to spend a number of hours on it and will finish it later. I remember when I was preaching in Ferris, Texas I had a brother come up to me and say: “it probably takes you 30 minutes to put a sermon together” to which I replied: “well, I can write a really sorry sermon in 30 minutes but that is all.” I think some brethren believe that when a preacher opens his mouth that words fall out! I was also able to get on the internet and handle emails as well as catch up on world news. I do not know the distance to Ngousso but I do know that it is not a short journey. The primary reason is traffic. Actually, the traffic was not too bad so we made decent time. Once we arrived we were busy with prospects the entire time. The first two were a husband and wife named Justin and Emilienne. I thought the study went well but at the end they declined to give their lives to the Lord. We will continue to pray for them. After the last baptism I spent some time with the church admonishing both the 3 new souls but the church as well. I have a picture of the church hall below and on Sundays they number around 50. Now, don’t try to count 50 chairs because you will come up short. When we left it was dark and the road (I use the word advisedly) was quite treacherous. I am glad that I had my flashlight with me. As many of you know, my wife’s BP has been too high. Knowing Linda, I can tell you that if she had walked on that road, it would register about 485/370!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish I had a camera that could video night driving. It is an absolute hoot and very entertaining. I don’t know how many of you react well when a ‘track record’ has been established but I don’t worry at all over here as I know that these drivers know what they are doing. We arrived around 7:50 and I took a nice shower and then went down to supper. It was excellent as usual. Jean Claude and I had a wonderful time of fellowship.


Miscellaneous thoughts:

1. Had a good lunch of a Milky Way and some Orange Juice. The Milky Way wrapper was in French but I am pretty sure it said that it was “chock full of vitamins and minerals”.

2. My fridge is really good but it is in a cabinet and last night I opened it and a lot of heat came out so I am keeping the door open so my nice little fridge can breathe.

3. It is nice being in a large town regarding the internet. When the modem comes up on the screen there are a series of bars at the bottom from 1 to 5. The greater the number of bars; the better the connection. In Sangmelima the most I ever had was 2 but here it is 5 so things move along faster and Skype is clearer.

4. The Charismatic movement is having a negative impact on the church in this country. Many who like to ‘beat drum’ (instrumental music) and clap are moving to those churches. There are even denominations that previously did not worship in this way that are changing to avoid losing members. Fortunately, we have a good group of leaders who will not change church doctrine to enhance their numbers.

5 Figures of speech, in any language can be interesting. For example; in the States we will take off our shoes and socks to allow our feet to “breathe”. Well, unless you have attached a nose to your big toe your feet ain’t going to breathe! Today Christibel was reading and she skipped a line. The words they used were: you have jumped. When everyone is ready to eat they will say that “we are on the table”. When Jean Claude calls my room and says that I tell him to get down and only allow the food and utensils on the table!

Tomorrow we work at Biyem-Assi but the first prospect is not until 3 so I will be able to get a lot of work done before we leave. Jean Claude and I are both doing well and thank you for your continued prayers. Please continue to lift up Linda as her BP is still too high and her energy level is too low. I just Skyped with her and she did not sleep well last night and has felt bad all day.

In Christ,
Jim Corner

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