Monday, October 23, 2017 7:15pm-1:15pm CST

Dear All:

Have arrived safely in Yaoundé. Here are the highlights of the day:

Got up at 6:15 for a 7:15 departure and we were on time. It was raining fairly hard but roof goes out over the entry way and we were able to load both the luggage and ourselves without incurring a single drop of rain. The drive was smooth and took about 3 hours. We are staying at new hotel (at least new to me) and it is very nice. There is a real live shower that is enclosed! Most of the hotels in Cameroon have the shower or bathtub with no enclosure. I have a small room which I like for this reason; in virtually every hotel the A/C unit is the same regardless of the size of the room. Hence, the bigger the room, the less cold you receive. I have a feeling that they may have to break the door down in the morning and they will discover a giant ICE BLOCK. I told Jean Claude to either tote me to the mortuary or put me over a stove! I have a small fridge (but what would I do with a big one) and it will take care of my extraordinary needs! The picture on the right below is of the street below us. Once we arrived and dumped our things; we headed off to the grocery store. Didn’t buy a lot of stuff; only the essentials: Milky Ways, Cheese, Pringles, Double Stuff Oreos, Cashews and Coke Zero. I assume you get tired of reading about my joy of the roads in the big cities but I still get a kick out of the way they drive. When I am in a traffic jam in America, I always know how to get out of it but realize that if I did I would get arrested. The picture on the left is of Simon and his wife Nadege along with Scott and Jean Claude. We enjoyed a marvelous lupper or is it linner? At any rate we ate around 3. It rained very hard this afternoon and I heard some of the loudest thunder I have ever heard. I received a report from one of the village preachers and wrote back to him. I also was able to book a church for a WBS presentation in Leesville, LA and was able to call the hotel from here. Technology is marvelous! We are working with the Ngousso Church of Christ tomorrow. Please pray that we are able to win souls. It is still over 2 hours before I can call Charlie Brown and Grandma to Skype. We are doing well and thank you for your prayers.

In Christ,
Jim Corner


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