Friday, October 20, 2017 9:00pm-3:00pm CST

Dear All:

We have left the city and are in the village. How do I know? Because my trusty flashlight is in my pocket and the electricity has already went off once. Not complaining; just reporting! There can be some “trade-offs” in the village hotel and they ain’t all bad. For example, my A/C is OK but my Fridge is GREAT! Have ice in my Coke Zero so life is good. Let me go ahead and explain the two pictures below. On the left; we are going through some small town and you can see there is plenty to buy on the street. On the right is a picture of the Douala traffic. I had one that was far more congested but I chose this one because our gigantic bus had to make its way and did our drive blow his horn a bunch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When you are a “big boy” you pretty much get your way.

Here is the day as it unfolded: Got up at 5:30 for a 6:30 departure from the hotel in a taxi to the bus park. We were on time and arrived with plenty to spare. The bus was scheduled to leave at 7:30 and he was only 10 minutes late which is fine. Bus had A/C and your own personal video player in the back of the seat in front of you. They turned mine to where I could see the road as they have a camera mounted on the front of the bus. Was stopped by the Police only once and it went fairly quick. I started to hand my passport to the policeman but he took a quick look at the outside and moved on. They did remove two young men but they came back on. That most likely means they did not have their ID card and as long as they greased the palms of the officer, they were allowed to go on. Switched vehicles in Yaounde for the 3-hour journey to Sangmelima. The phonetic pronunciation would be: song -mill – lema. I think I have it down but am not totally sure. The hotel is nice and I had a good COLD shower this afternoon. I was really hot so the cold water felt so good. Got unpacked and settled in. Checked email and the internet which is fine because of my modem. As mentioned above; power went off for about 20 minutes but it came back on and hopefully it will not go on holiday again! The work here is only 5 months old and was started by the Nkoabang Church of Christ in Yaounde. They meet in a brother’s house and typically have 10. There are also 2 brethren from Yaounde who come down each weekend. We have about 10 prospects so please pray for conversions. As I have stated numerous times in the past; my concern is not baptism but conversion. The town is good size so hopefully one day the church will be as well. Simon Parfait, the preacher at Nkoabang has been spearheading this so he was here along with 2 other brothers. I had a good discussion with Simon as well as a good supper with all. I had ordered a ½ chicken and they gave me a foot (not a leg) of the chicken. Jean Claude had the other one so he ate his and Simon ate mine. Hopefully they chewed well enough that the feet will not go for a walk in their stomach tonight! Simon says the foot is the favorite part of his wife’s. I plan to watch an episode from Andy Griffith (one of Louis Bassay’s favorite TV shows) and then Skype with Charlie Brown and Grandma. Linda continues to be sluggish and has an appointment with an Endocrinologist next Thursday. Please keep her in prayer and pray that we will have a fruitful day tomorrow.

Miscellaneous thoughts:

1. Jean Claude is such a blessing. His help at the bus park and every place else is a joy. He knows exactly what to do as do I; I just do what he tells me to do! Kind of the way a husband does. After all, if she ain’t happy, no one is happy!

2. I saw an American car today; a Ford. Well, actually I saw a bunch of American cars; Toyotas, Hondas, Mercedes, etc.

3. We had to wear seat belts on the bus. The last time I rode a bus in America was 1969 so I do not know the rules today.

In Christ,

Jim Corner

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