Thursday, October 19, 2017 8:00pm-2:00pm CST

Dear All:

I won’t say it is overly cold in my room but when I go out in the hallway my glasses fog over! Hey, if you know Bryan Rendon ask him about my glasses and you will enjoy his response. Before I forget it: the picture below is of our 14-year-old grandson, Junior and his 13-year-old sister; Alex. If you have noticed all of our grandkids are undersized!!!!!!!!! I had some wonderful memories return today. The first is walking across the street. Your head had better be on a swivel or you may be in trouble. Linda still gets nervous just thinking about it but I look at it as a challenge. The second was riding a machine again. When I am in the States I enjoy the memories but it ain’t the same as actually being on the bike. Kind of like thinking about the day when you rode a roller coaster versus being on one! Pierre’s funeral will be in a couple of weeks while I am still here. I will get some others to translate for me so that Jean Claude can be with his family. Pierre was only 41 years old which is the same age of our twins. Continue to pray for his family. The girl at the front desk is named Beatrice and while Jean Claude was standing there I told her that his brother had died. She needed some explanation because in this culture your brother could be a cousin or a good friend. For many years a brother in Christ named Makolo came to the seminar in February and introduced a man named William as his father. I figured he must be his dad but many years later discover he was his uncle. When Beatrice looked at Jean Claude his response was: same mother, same father which spelled out the relationship to her. On a lighter note: it is interested to listen to different ways to make a point. I had mentioned something was expensive and he said that I shouted.

Here is how the day went: I slept really well and got up at 9:45. Got on the computer and did a few things. As mentioned in earlier trips; I have a 3G modem and all that means to me is that it is pretty fast. Not as fast as Fios but still OK. I received an email from a dear brother who does not like the New York Yankees (which I do). He was hoping that the Astros would win that night (yesterday) so I got on the internet and found that my team had won again. Our Youth Minister is from Houston and Sunday he told me that at least one of our teams would make it to the World Series. I always miss the Super Bowl; NBA championship and World Series because I am in Cameroon during those times. Wouldn’t have it any other way as I am being blessed. Mary, Jean Claude’s wife came over at about 11 and we discussed some of the village works with the sisters and what we would like to accomplish in November and December. Jean Claude was late but that is OK because he had a long night. Two of his sisters came last night for a family meeting regarding Pierre and left for their homes after midnight. We went and had a wonderful lunch but it could not compare with my supper of last night. I write a Post Card to all of our grandchildren, some in-laws and of course, to Linda and Jean Claude posted them for me. When went to a grocery store to buy some stuff for the journey. Because we have to leave early in the morning he will spend tonight in the hotel. He is doing some last-minute stuff and will be here when he gets here. I will Skype with Linda and Charlie Brown later. I am basically packed and we will travel to Yaounde (Capitol City) or is it Capital? My spellchecker did not help me out. From there we will travel to Sangmelima where we will work Saturday and Sunday. We are doing well and thank you for your continued prayers. Linda told me that many had called and checked on her yesterday and that made us both very happy. She was somewhat tired yesterday and her BP was still not good but better. Please continue to keep her in your prayers.

In Christ,

Jim Corner

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