Dear All:

I have written my normal ‘goofball’ stuff below but must start out on a sad and serious note. When Jean Claude picked me at the airport his younger brother Pierre had just died. Had been sick for 5 months. He leaves behind a wife and 2 children. I have known Pierre since he was in his early 20s. Please keep the family in prayer.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017 12:30pm-12:30pm CST

The trip has now officially begun. Here is the day to this point in time: our daughter Bapp picked Linda and I at 9am for the trip to DFW. While I am thinking about Linda let me say a few things. For many of you this will be déjà vu but possibly not to all; over the past month Linda has been in the ER 3 times, spent 3 days in the hospital and visited 4 doctors. Part of the original problem was Pancreatitis but we think that is solved. Her BP has been too high and they are working on that. She does have upcoming appointments with an Endocrinologist and a GI doctor. Her primary doctor does not believe there are any problems in these areas but is trying to rule everything out. Please keep her in prayer. Also, please pray for Jean Simmons. She is a dear sister who had Cancer last year followed by Chemo. That part went well but she developed an infection last week that landed her in the hospital. I don’t know all of the details but she is currently on an anti-biotic that will hopefully fix the problem. This has been very trying so please keep Jean in your prayers. Now back to the trip; we had no problems in getting to the airport and I checked in easily. Got to the gate in plenty of time and was able to do some reading as well as checking the internet. Am headed to Atlanta and from there to Paris and then to Douala. Scheduled arrival in Douala is 4:15pm tomorrow which will be 10:15am CST. I plan to read from here to Atlanta and then a number of things across the ocean. The picture below on the left is of our wonderful daughter-in-law (we had two GREAT ones) in North Carolina. Her name is Meleah and that is her 16-year-old son Ethan with her. The picture may be a few years old!!!!!!!!! Then on the right is Grandma with Cameron who is 12. She babysat him and his brother Dakota for some years. Typically, the airplanes are full but there are a bunch of empty seats on this flight. I have an exit row with no one with me which is very nice. Don’t anticipate the same on the remaining flights. I will fill in more details of the journey later. Thanks so much for all of your prayers.

3:40pm-2:40pm CST

I have some time to kill so here I am! Flight was flawless to Atlanta and hopped a train to my concourse with no problems. Was able to Skype with the most beautiful woman in the world (that would be my dear wife) and she is feeling better. Lately she feels bad in the morning and then picks up in the afternoon. I will not be able to see Charlie Brown today but hopefully will be able to Skype with him from Douala tomorrow. If you are new to these “Howdys” you will find out there ain’t much substance to them. I am recharging my phone and my computer for the long flight to Paris. We leave at 5:25pm and will eat within an hour. By the time I finish my culinary feast we will be over the ocean and it will be dark. I will do some reading but try to get some shut-eye. Will write more later.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017 8:45am – 1:45am CST

Oh, the joys of travel. Flight from Atlanta was seamless. Had a masterful supper and enjoyed every bite but what else can you expect from “airplane food”. BTW: when Linda was in the hospital I had a delectable lunch at the hospital cafeteria. Not sure which is superior; airplane food or hospital food. That is a close race. Landed on time and did not have to go through Customs. My gate was K49 so I went through security and got there with no problems. They then changed the gate to L45 which meant I had to climb on a train and get to the “L” gates and go through security again. Fortunately, I had a 4-hour layover and it is still 2 hours before we are scheduled to head out. Lord willing, I will be in Douala within the next 10 hours. Travel is for the birds! Oh, I did get to talk with Charlie Brown on the phone just before we took off. On the last flight I was able to watch Bryan Rendon’s favorite movie: Mary Poppins. His favorite song is I Love To Sing with Ed Wynn and Dick Van Dyke. Bryan is a goofy kid but that goes with being a kid. He is also a GREAT Christian.

10:30pm-4:20pm CST

Had a good flight but almost a tragedy. I had gone to sleep while they were passing out the ice cream. I woke up and looked to my right and saw a guy eating so I flagged down the BEST flight attendant in the history of the world and she went and got me one. I guess she could have done a better job and gotten me 2! The flight left Paris over an hour late. We waited in line to have our boarding passes checked for over 45 minutes. Then the plane was waaaaaaaaaaaay out and we had to take a bus and then climb the stairs. I am looking at it from a positive angle as I got a lot of good exercise. The flight itself was very smooth and I did a bunch or reading and got about 2 hours of sleep for a grand total of 4 since I woke up on Tuesday morning. I am not tired, however. You know that I often give you a recipe so here is the only one you will receive on this journey; take a Hormel Microwavable thing of Meatloaf and Mashed Potatoes. Stir in some Beenee Weenees and some Vienna Sausages. Then add Tuna (never forget the tuna). Do not; I repeat, do not heat. Heating cooks out much of the flavor and vitamins and minerals. It has been documented that heating food has been responsible for many deaths and hospital stays! I believe that Bob Deister told me that Rickie follows a lot of my recipes. I could be wrong but that is what I recall. Remember that Tuna is good with ANYTHING. Next time you have a Banana Split sprinkle some Tuna on it and you will be pleasantly surprised. Well at least you will be surprised. Then again, maybe you won’t be surprised! I called Linda about 20 minutes ago and she and Charlie Brown are at the store so I will Skype with her in about 15 minutes. Had a nice refreshing shower and am on good time regarding getting to bed.

Thanks so much for your prayers and please keep Jean Claude and his family in your prayers.

In Christ,

Jim Corner




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