Monday, June 26, 2017 9:00pm-3:00pm CST

Dear All:

While all days are equal in length; you will understand when I say it has been a tiring day. Got up at 5:20 as we were going to load at 6. Valentine, our driver, was coming from Douala and a big truck had caused the road to go slower than usual. We ended up leaving around 6:30 and made excellent time by arriving at the hotel before 10. Today is a public holiday which meant the roads were not all that congested. Kurt is a really good guy and he bought breakfast for everyone. That is right; everyone who wanted a sucker got one. Mine was orange and so delicious. He said it had all of the nutrients of a breakfast of bacon and eggs. Must be true because Kurt is a very smart guy which can be seen in the fact that he chose Jean. She is one of the best! Here is how the day went once we left Muyuka. Rained some on the way but nothing of any consequence. Martin met us in Bonaberi to take Jean Claude’s stuff back to his house. The picture below does not do justice to all the stuff he had on the machine. Two large bags, 2 smaller ones, some food stuffs Jean Claude had bought and a fan. He also carried a large container of 6 bottles of water. A taxi driver came by and said he couldn’t get that much stuff in his car! We landed at the hotel and fairly quickly went to the wood market to hunt souvenirs. Andrew comes all the way from America and does he buy a giraffe or elephant or lion or tiger? No; he bought a duck and a horse! What a dufus! He is a nice dufus, however. BTW: “dufus” caused my spellchecker to blow up but I can’t figger out why! Once we got back it started to rain heavily so we decided to stay in and eat at the hotel restaurant and everyone enjoyed their meal. I have been packing and unpacking all afternoon. Jean Claude and Vincent came over and we discussed the June campaign for next year. Jean Claude and I then hopped machines for a meeting with some of his congregation. They are in an extensive building program and we want to put in a Reading Center. This would house religious books in French and English; tracts in both languages; a TV and DVD player to show religious stuff. Many of the denominations have had these for some years and they have been a boon to their evangelism. It will not be cheap and I will write more about it in coming reports. I pray that we will be able to assist them. They have already sacrificed a great deal of money on their current building. I was able to take a nice shower and I will Skype with Linda. Hey; I was able to Skype last night. Can’t figger things out. I have some errands to run tomorrow and we head for the airport at 5. We continue to be blessed. Thanks for your prayers. Oh, I have the team picture below that was taken before worship yesterday.

In Christ,

Jim Corner

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