Saturday, June 24, 2017 9:30pm-3:30pm CST

Dear All:

I have known Nsah Vincent for nearly 20 years and thought he was my friend. I am now going to have to reassess that calculation. You see, there have been 4 parts to this trip and on 3 of them he has put me on a bad road. What kind of friend is that? Today I was on the Munyenge road and I do not know how many quadrillions of rocks there are. I had a teacher in preacher training school who said that when he got to Heaven the first question he would have for God is: who wrote Hebrews! Well, my first question will be: how many rocks were there between Muyuka and Munyenge! Note to BD: I think that the Matoh road is still the champion of the two for two reasons: 1) The rocks on the Matoh road are much larger and 2) You cannot take a car on the Matoh road even in the dry season but we did take a car to Munyenge.

A few other things while I am thinking about them. 1) Last night I gambled. No, I didn’t buy a lottery ticket or anything like that. I showered and shampooed my hair which was a gamble that the water would not turn off. I am just glad that I do not have hair the length of my grandson Junior. He puts Rapunzel to shame! She has a buzz cut compared to that young girl, er, boy! 2) I was wondering if the blog would post last night as the connection was slower than usual. Hopefully I will not have as much trouble with this one. 3) I was unable to Skype with Linda last night. It was asking for my password which I had written down but it would not take it. Usually it just pops up and gives Linda as a choice but not last night. Don’t know if it will work or not this evening. 4) My toilet not only would not flush this morning but was nearly to the brim. While I was out they brought a plumber in and it is working fine. They also worked on Andrew’s A/C and it is better.

OK; day started as all other with the exception that I did not eat breakfast. I had too many other things to do. We left around 8:45 and took Jan and dumped her in Ikata. Henry and I kept going another hour to Munyenge. I am sure that I have never been on this many roads on the same campaign. Not complaining, just reporting. I was not scheduled to speak today as we were to only teach prospects but little did I know that they had me preach both in the morning and afternoon. They had a good song leader and I enjoyed the worship immensely. They were well prepared and I was able to teach 4 people, one at a time, and three of them were baptized. They are on the right below and are Clarissa, Johannes and Janice. Each was a very nice study. I need to tell you something that Janice said that made me laugh. She is 18 and I asked her how old she thought I was and she said 95! I am only glad that Jean Simmons was not there because the number would have been in the low hundreds. BTW: Jean is one of the smartest, kindest, most wonderful and marvelous people you will ever meet! While Janice was on her way to the water it began to rain very hard. They have a zinc roof and fortunately I only had to speak loud enough for Roland to hear as he was translating for me. He did a really good job and is pictured below on the right with Henry on the left. The last study was with a young man named Javis. I am worried about his seriousness. Hopefully I am wrong and he will one day surrender to the Lord. Oh, I forgot to tell you that the team had 18 Bible studies and 12 baptisms today! After our worship, we hopped in the car and headed for Ikata to pick Jan. We are 1 hour beyond her and the total journey is over 110 minutes. We got back to the hotel and had a great supper. I have been doing a bunch of various things and have not had a chance to check my email. I am fixin to call Linda and hopefully can Skype with her. Please put her on your prayer list; she has been having leg and ankle pain and went to the doctor yesterday. Today she went for a blood test and Monday will go for X-rays. They do not know what the problem is but are trying to find out. She is in a lot of pain in the morning. She will not like me saying this but I would appreciate it if you could call her, if you are in the area, and see if she needs anything. We are all fine and are looking forward to our final day of work tomorrow. Please continue to keep us in prayer.

In Christ,
Jim Corner

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