Thursday, June 22, 2017 8:45pm-2:45pm CST

Dear All:

Today was a great day for the Kingdom and the team overall. It was a frustrating day for me. The team had 12 Bible studies with 7 baptisms. We praise God for that. The frustration is that I heard, Jean Claude heard and Vincent heard that I was supposed to be at Muea today at 3 to teach prospects. Well, at about 2:45 they called Jean Claude and said the time was noon and we missed them all. We are in prayer that they will show up tomorrow. Also, Jan and Jean Claude were not able to teach anyone today. It is fascinating to think that we could study with 12, baptize 7 and still be less than pleased. Only in Cameroon and a few other countries. Can you imagine the joy and quite frankly, the surprise if such happened in the States?

I had bragged about the internet and nearly was unable to post my Howdy yesterday. Then, it took a lot of persistence for me to finally see the most beautiful woman in the world. OK; let’s start at the beginning; woke up at 7:29 and had planned to take a shower but the water was barely on. The team was supposed to have breakfast at 8 and then devo at 8:30. Well, I initially went down to simply fellowship with the brethren but the breakfast was not on the table. Switched and had devo first. Kurt brought the thought and did a GREAT job. We then sat down for breakfast and I decided to have some eggs and bread. I don’t know what kind of bread this is except that it is “tasty bread”. I was able to come back up and have a nice cold shower. The A/C is not that powerful so a cold shower feels good. Due to the times that our various prospects were ready; we went out at different times. Since I did not leave until the afternoon I got a head start on my trip report.

Vincent, Andrew and I left the hotel at 2:30 or so and walked a short distance to the road and climbed machines to Muyuka. We are actually staying in Yoke (Yo-kay) which is a suburb of Muyuka. We then got a car that dropped Andrew and Vincent and carried me to Muea. This congregation has been around for many years but they have a new building. You can see the inside on the right below. On Sundays, they have about 100 which is very large for Cameroon. On the right, you can see a Bible lesson they had had this past Sunday. A young man named Stephen translated for me and did a great job. Jan & Jean Claude came for the worship since they were not able to make contact with Mamu. After worship, we made it back to the hotel with no problems. Had another good supper and a great period of fellowship.

Miscellaneous items:

  1. I told you a trip or two or three ago that my computer has a lighted keyboard. In America, that means nothing but it comes in very handy here as the ligthing is not always great.
  2. Today was rather bland as we did not need rain boots or a rain suit. The roads were smooth which removes much of the fun.
  3. The brethren told me this afternoon they have two problems; 1) about 50 or so men smoke “weed” behind the building. They are trying to find out how they can minister to them. 2) Towns in Cameroon have one or 2 “market days” per week. This is like a flea market where people are selling all kinds of things. Unfortunately, Sunday is a “market day” in Muea and some of the week members absent themselves from worship in order to sell.
  4. So far the power has went off but one time unless it did during the night when I was sleeping.
  5. There was a party outside of our rooms last night that lasted until 2:30am. The only reason I know that is because it kept Andrew and Kurt awake. I told them that they should sleep!

I am fixin to Skype with Charlie Brown and Grandma. It is good to be able to see her every day and I pray that the connection is better than it was last night. Thanks for your prayers. We are all doing well.

In Christ,

Jim Corner

One Response to HOWDY

  1. Bob Deister says:

    Dear Jim,

    Even with the few little glitches you mention, it is still sounding like a great trip. I enjoy hearing the news about those who are surrendering.

    It sounds like you might be staying in that same hotel in Muyuka/Yoki that we used way back when I was with you and went to Munyenge. If so, I understand why some of your team could not sleep. My room did not have A/C and the night club across the highway played loud “music” until the wee hours of the morning. I did not sleep either, so I feel their pain.

    I’m not sure who you have assigned to go to Munyenge, but tell Mike that I think he should be the one. 😉 😉

    Take care.

    Love, Bob

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