Wednesday, June 21, 2017 8:45pm-2:45pm CST

Dear All:

I do not know why but this seems like Saturday to me even though I do not feel as though I need to preach tomorrow! Actually, I will preach tomorrow, Lord willing, but not because it is Sunday! OK; here goes for the day. This will be the last relaxing travel day as we will have to leave on Monday at 6am to beat the heavy traffic in Douala. I was planning on getting up at 8:30 but my phone rang at 7:17 so I had to see a dear person who had come to visit. Her name is Diana and she runs the orphanage that I have told you about in the past. A couple of our members gave me some money for the children and she came to pick it. Went down and had an omelet for breakfast and we loaded around 9:30. Went to the grocery store across the street and bought a few things and off we went. The entire trip only took 40 minutes and we were on a good tar road. Muyuka is not Douala or even Kumba but we are happy with the hotel. Has A/C and running water and we are comfortable. When we arrived, Vincent realized he had left his travel bag in Kumba at the hotel so he went back to fetch it. My phone has not been working for the past day so Jean Claude and I went to Buea to check on it with the phone company. We also bought water and soft drinks. Met with the representatives of the churches we will work at and you can see them pictured below. Had a good meeting and I will work in Muea tomorrow and Friday and then in Munyenge on Saturday and Sunday. BTW: Muea and Munyenge exploded my spell checker! We had supper at 5:15 and it was very nice. Our choices are somewhat limited but that is OK as the food tastes good. It took me a while to unpack but I am settled in. I had told you a few days ago that you would not have the pleasure of reading my recipes. I do, however, want you to note a nice snack pictured below. You take a minimum of 4 Oreos (can be as many as you like) and remove the “lids” from them and stack the wonderful white junk in the middle. It is truly tasty! I was going to write down all of the marvelous ingredients but it is in French but there were so many that it HAS to be healthy. My phone is still not working so I will try to Skype with Charlie Brown and Grandma. We continue to be blessed with good health and ask your prayers for us as we study tomorrow.

In Christ,

Jim Corner

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