Tuesday, June 20, 2017 9:00pm-3:00pm CST

Dear All:

I am tired! It is a good feeling because we have been going up and down for the past 4 days. Today we were blessed to teach the gospel to 23 and 6 of them yielded their lives to the Lord. I was talking to Vincent tonight and at least for now, we think working 2 days in one place and then moving on is a good plan. For this section of the campaign we were able to teach 89 and baptize 41 with one restoration. We truly marvel at our Father and thank Him so much for His goodness.

Let me go back to the beginning and rehearse the day. Got up at my usual 6:30 and was ready for devo at 7:30. Jean Claude spoke today and made this statement to us: you will not impact this country but you are making a great impact on the church. Of course, over time if a great impact is made on the church it will affect at least part of the country. We went down for breakfast and then began our journey to Matoh. I am sure you are getting tired of reading about the roads but they impact us in a great way. The picture on the right below does not begin to show the status of the road. One of the blessings is we got a tremendous workout as you were moved from side to side and front to back on a constant basis. Of course, teaching the lost is worth every small inconvenience. One of those I taught and baptized is pictured below on the right; his name is Divine and Denis, the preacher, is with him. Divine was a true joy to teach. When you look back at the last 4 days our prayers are with the 48 that rejected the Lord, for one reason or another. We were busy from the time we reached Matoh till the moment we left. Andrew spoke this afternoon and I only heard part as I was teaching a prospect. The part that I did hear was very encouraging. We made it back in better time than yesterday because it did not rain and the roads were dried out to some degree. That motivated Alexi to drive faster to make good time. Every cloud has a silver lining and ours was that we all received a free chiropractic adjustment! Had our final meal and we realize things are changing once we get to Muyuka. No more generator so at night we will always know where our flashlight is because when the power goes, it goes! We have been pampered here but I know the Lord will bless our time in Muyuka. I am fixin to Skype with Charlie Brown and Grandma. We are not leaving until 10 in the morning because Muyuka is only an hour or less away. Thanks for your continued prayers. We are all doing well.

In Christ,

Jim Corner


One Response to HOWDY

  1. Tom Steed says:

    Say hello to Denis and Patience. I have been on a lot of bad roads in my life but that one is the worst! But there are some wonderful people at the end of the road. Also hello to Vincent and the other workers!

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