Monday, June 19, 2017 8:40pm-2:40pm CST

Dear All:

We continue to be blessed. The Lord led us to teach the gospel to 30 souls today and 14 of them surrendered to the Lord. As I have stated in other blogs on other trips; we will not know the end result of their faith for some time. Truly speaking we will not know the end of their faith until we see them in Heaven. We are certainly prayerful that each of these new brothers and sisters are serious. We also keep those who have rejected the message of salvation in prayer. Got up at 6:30 as devo was at 7:30. Each day we sing some songs, have a couple of prayers and one of the guys brings a devotional thought. Henry did today and he is such a blessing to this team. We then went down for breakfast and enjoyed a short period of fellowship before our departure. The road to Koto Barombi is a nice freeway compared to the road to Matoh. I am somewhat surprised to think that I have ridden this road on a machine multiple times. The biggest difference is that the Koto road is very slippery while the Matoh road is very stony. I am speaking of major league rocks. No car can go on this road, not even in the dry season. We were able to secure a 4-wheel drive and it was an adventure to say the least. The driver, Henry and Andrew were in the front with Kurt, Vincent and myself in the back. To say we were jostled is putting it mildly. In fact, on the way back Kurt said that he thinks his Gall Bladder switched from one side to the other! At supper, he said he wanted shoulder pads for his left shoulder as he kept getting blasted into the side of the vehicle. Lord willing, we will make the journey one more time tomorrow. After Vincent, Andrew and I were dropped Henry and Kurt went on to Matoh Butu and had another 30-45 minutes of ecstasy. We were busy all day with prospects. In fact, Vincent taught some and two brothers interpreted for Andrew and myself. You can see pictures of Andrew and Vincent teaching below. The 3 of us had 16 studies with 7 baptisms. Matoh is a true village but home to the 2nd or 3rd largest congregation in the country. Denis Asikpo is their preacher and he is a great brother. I spoke at the afternoon service and Andrew will speak tomorrow. Truly had a great time and hopped into our luxurious vehicle for the exciting ride back to town. Andrew commented that the road was something like a ride at 6 Flags but he is looney. There ain’t no ride at 6 Flags that can touch this road! We got back around 5:45 and a young man named Lionel cleaned our boots for us. Supper is always wonderful and we enjoy visiting so much. Linda and Charlie Brown are at 6 Flags today so I will not be able to talk or Skype with them. I have some other odds and ends to do and should be in bed by a decent hour.

Miscellaneous items:

  1. I am aware of the fact that the spiritual is far more important than the physical. Having said that; we thank God for every blessing He gives. Here are just a few on this trip thus far:
    1. Generators that keep our A/C and fridges working. I have lost count of the number of times that the power has went out in the Kumba area but our lights are on within a few seconds.
    2. My modem allows me to share the journey with you, In the past the internet was very slow and inconsistent. Now I am able to send my blogs each day without fail.
    3. The ability to Skype each day with the most beautiful woman in the world (that would be my precious wife). The great beauty of my wife is her spiritual loveliness.
    4. Our rain boots. Believe me; they are a GREAT blessing!
  2. I forgot to tell you that our song leader yesterday was different. Usually they will sing the first few lines and then the congregation will join in at the beginning of the song. Our guy yesterday would read the words and then hum the tune and then say: on the count of 3 go. He would then say 1, 2,3 and we would go!
  3. I want to take a line or two to go beyond thanking you for your prayers in a few words. I am acutely aware that I have no idea of how many hundreds, if not thousands of prayers are going up for us. We do not take them for granted and on behalf of the entire team, THANK YOU!
  4. I found out from Jean Claude last night that he did not think that I should ride on these rough roads because of my surgery 3 weeks ago. I told him that I do not have any lingering effects and am not even aware of the Pacemaker.


Thanks again for your love and prayers,

In Christ,

Jim Corner

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