Sunday, June 18, 2017 8:35pm-2:35pm CST

Dear All:

Every day is a blessed day when you are a child of God. It is good to know that the scales are tipped to our advantage. Another great day in service to the Lord. We were able to teach the gospel to 13 precious souls and 8 of them gave their lives in baptism. As I said yesterday, the value of the numbers is that they represent souls! We were an hour+ late to worship this morning so they had already started Bible class. I think I must be getting used to this road as I was very relaxed due to Junior, my driver. On Saturday, I had asked his name and his said Michael. Then later I heard some people call him Junior so I asked again and he said Junior Michael. Somewhat of a coincidence as one of our grandsons is Michael James Corner, JR and I call him Junior. Grandma calls him knucklehead but that is a different story. Junior is a really good driver and I am amazed at these guys. At the end of the day they must be mentally exhausted because you have to firmly concentrate on the road at all times. You daydream for one second and the ground will punch you in the face! Yesterday as I was on the machine I was feeling somewhat sorry for myself and then I recalled what the apostle Paul suffered for the name of Jesus. I thought of those today in other parts of the world who are being persecuted because they wear the name Christian. All of a sudden, a bad road did not seem all that bad. I am aware that I do not suffer as a child of God and that I am blessed every minute I am in Cameroon. It took 40 minutes from the junction to drop Andrew and Henry and we had another 45 minutes but it only seemed like 145. On the way, the chain on Vincent’s bike came off but Junior is an ace mechanic and keeps tools with him. He fixed it in no time. As stated above, we arrived with the church in Bible study. I had worn my rain suit but didn’t need it today as the sun shone. I was pretty hot when I arrived and my shirt was wet but that is OK. Oh, before we got to the junction in our taxi some trucks were blocking the road so we had to get out and trek a short distance. The rain boots are a blessing, indeed. I changed once I got to the building as I had brought my “Sunday shoes” and the class was over very shortly. I preached from II Corinthians 4:16-18 and enjoyed our time of worship. There were 110 present with 50 being kids. You can see the congregation on the left below. The giving was interesting in that they had the plate at the front and everyone walked up and gave their contribution. After worship, I studied with 2 young men who were each 20. One of them by the name of Ishmael gave his life to Christ. I want you to pray for the other young man who is named Bless. I was actually quite surprised that he was not baptized. Sometimes you read people correctly and other times you do not. We then had an afternoon worship and had a very good number return. Typically, they do not worship in the evening. We climbed our machines for the ride back and it only took 65 minutes! No rain fell today and the roads dry out fairly quickly. As you can see in the bottom left picture, the “rivers” on the road maintain their water. These roads will be worse next month and oftentimes the only way you can travel is to trek. We got back and I visited with some of the guys and then took a nice cold shower. Yes, it was cold and felt so good after a hot day. We had another great supper and I will be on the computer for a few more hours. Tomorrow a number of us are going to Matoh and Matoh Butu and the only way is by machine or 4-wheel drive. Fortunately, we will travel in the 4-wheel drive. After the last two days, I need a break. Machines in the city are one thing but in the village a totally different animal. I plan to Skype Linda and then do some other stuff. Thanks for your continued prayers.

In Christ,

Jim Corner

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