Saturday, June 17, 2017 8:45pm-2:45pm CST

Dear All:

This is the last disclaimer I am going to write, at least until the next one. I know that some of the things I will write in the coming days are repeats for those of you who have been following me over the years. You will just have to muddle through.

Today was a GREAT and MEMORABLE day. Let me start with the GREAT: all of us who are God’s kids want everyone to be saved. We simply pattern our thoughts after our Father (I Timothy 2:4). We understand, however, that the Lord gives us free will and as Jesus said in Matthew 7:13,14; most will never see heaven. We also know that all conversions are the result of God and not man. We plant and water but the Lord does the converting and receives all praise. With that in mind; today we were blessed to teach the gospel to 23 precious souls and 13 of them gave their lives to Jesus. Over the years we have had a high percentage of baptisms and that is because of a number of things; some negative and some positive. On the negative side; I have been doing this long enough to know that some will be baptized because I am an American and they hope to receive financial gain. I have no power over motive and there are those all over the world who are baptized for wrong reasons. Also on the negative side are those who have been pressured by parents, church members or friends to be baptized. On the positive side; we do not ‘door knock’ so the prospects we have are those who are either a 1) current visitor 2) friend or relative of a member 3) spiritually minded person. We simply say THANK YOU to our Father first but also to you for your continued prayers.

Now for the MEMORABLE part; I have ridden on a lot of bad roads in my time but I think I met the champion today. Some of the natives had told me it was a bad road and when a Cameroonian says it is bad; you are in for a rough ride. I do believe that on some level, I can give you a fairly good idea of what it is like to ride a machine in town but not on this road. Bob Deister is a great wordsmith but I think that this road would even stump him. I will try to remember a few things that stuck out in my mind. In no order of importance: first, the drivers have to drive with their feet on the ground for balance. If they rode in a conventional way you would be on the ground, er, mud. Second, on the way it began to rain which only made things more interesting. Now, the word interesting can be taken in more than one way and I will leave it up to your imagination. Third, if any of you are ‘nervous nellies’ and you were going on this road I would tie you securely so that when you had major cardiac failure; you would not fall off the machine but your head would simply move to one side. Fourth; you cannot envision the ruts. Some no wider than the machine tire. When you are on the machine you do not notice a lot of things around you as you are in constant prayer. By the time I got to church, the road was on my trousers or as I would say in the States; my pants were filthy. You see the rain gear below? On the way this morning the trousers would not fit over my pants and that is why they were dirty. We got some bigger ones and hopefully tomorrow I will have no problems. The rain boots are fantastic; if you were wearing your regular shoes it would take a long time to get them clean. Oh, after I dropped Andrew which was after a ride of 45 minutes Vincent and I still had another hour!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have never had back trouble but I sense some coming on.

Let me tell you about my day beyond the paragraph above. I had never been to Koto Barombi but was very pleased with the congregation. I had 4 Bible studies and they were all good. The picture below is of Vincent along with two of your new brothers; Reuben and Sunday. Near the end of the day I was able to address the church for about 15 minutes. Looking forward to Bible class and worship tomorrow. After the morning service, we hope to teach more prospects and then have an afternoon worship. We all had an enjoyable time at supper tonight. I have been running left and right and should have everything nailed down within a couple of hours. Have already had a nice shower and will Skype with Linda a little later. Oh, the electricity just went out but one of the blessings of this hotel is a large generator that automatically kicks in.

Thank you for your continued prayers. We are all doing well.

In Christ,
Jim Corner




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