Thursday, June 15, 2017 4:45pm-10:45am CST

Dear All:

A busy and yet relaxing day. I need to say something quick while I am thinking about it. Many of you wait with great anticipation to receive some of my recipes. Unfortunately, you will have to wait until February to get some that are a full meal. You see, I will not be eating out of my suitcase on this journey. Let me give you a small snack that is yummy. This is what I dined on last night. Take a small can of Ravioli; a small can of Beenee Weenees and some tuna. Mix them thoroughly and eat. Something to remember; eat at room temperature. Don’t destroy this wonderful snack by heating it. There are two reasons for that; 1) Heating it takes much of the flavor away and 2) when you heat it there are many vitamins and minerals that are removed. Why do you think that everything the Lord grows is at room temperature?

I may have posted the picture below; it is 4 years old but comprises our entire family. Those in white are the Corner’s from Huntersville, NC; the blue is the Corner’s from Rowlett, TX and the black are the Rosnett’s from Plano, TX. If you remove the adults it is a REALLY nice picture! I did not get around to taking any photos today but hopefully tomorrow I will have some.

Got up at 8:30 after a good night’s rest. Oh, BTW: you “Facebook” people are seeing pretty quickly that I was not joking about the fluff. The mornings are about the same with nothing of consequence. I had to go across the street to make copies of our Custom Stamp and was reminded that you truly have to look both ways when crossing the street. There is a median you cross and going over I had to dodge a machine on the median and coming back I had to dodge a machine on the wrong side of the median although there is truly no wrong side here. You need to pray for me as my heart is giving me some trouble. You see, Jean Claude said he would be here by 10:30 this morning and he showed up at 10:25. Nearly went into Cardiac Arrest. If you knew this young man you would be aware that his family tree and the Northington family tree are very close to each other. Our wonderful preacher’s wife where Linda and I attend is a Northington and I am not sure if she has ever been on time to anything. I will say; however, she is a fantastic girl. We then hopped into 2 taxis (which I hate) and went to eat. I have not been on a machine yet and probably won’t until Saturday. We ate at my favorite hamburger place although I had a salad. I just have them give me lettuce, tomatoes and eggs; I then add my own Star-Kist Tuna and it is deeeeeeeeeeeeeeelicous. We then grabbed two taxis to take us to a grocery store where we bought stuff for the trip. Vincent and Henry had given Jean Claude a list of stuff that they needed. Were back to the hotel by 1:15 or so and I have been working ever since getting prepared for tomorrow. Jean Claude is coming back to the hotel at 5:30 and we are going to eat supper with him. I am still full from lunch so will only have a Coke and then eat some crackers and a Mars Bar tonight. Am pretty much packed for the journey to Kumba. We leave at 7 in the morning so we should arrive by 11. We are scheduled to meet the preachers at 3 and are excited about getting to work. I will Skype Charlie Brown and Grandma around 2 your time this afternoon. Got to see her last night which was GREAT but was sad that he was asleep and didn’t get to see him. I am going to go ahead and post this and will send another one tomorrow, Lord willing. Oh; for those of you who remember the strike that started last November; it is still going with no end in sight. It is only on the English side and Mary, Jean Claude’s wife, is not sure if school will start in August. For the sake of the children, I pray it can be resolved. We are all well and thank you for your continued prayers.

In Christ,

Jim Corner


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