Tuesday, February 21, 2017 8:30pm-1:30pm CST

Dear All:

Well, it has finally hit me. I am going to one of my two homes very soon. Obviously, I have known all along when the day would come but the packing is what seals the deal. It is a shame that I cannot sleep longer on days in which I can but woke up at 7:30 this morning. I think I have told you this before: regardless of how many extra days I put into a trip; they are never enough. I will say that I have accomplished a lot in the last two days which will help me when I get back home. Worked all morning and then Jean Claude came around 12:30 and we went out. Ultimately went to our favorite restaurant and split a chicken. If you have never been to Europe or Africa, you might be surprised that you may end up sitting with other people which was the case today. Got back and visited for some time with Jean Claude regarding many things. He is such a great brother and a true blessing to my life.

There are two words that are very important when you climb a machine in Douala. TRACK RECORD. You see, an American riding for the first time might have apoplexy. I don’t even know what that word means but I think it might fit but then again, it might not. You can see a picture below of what traffic looks like and when you are on a machine you are making more moves than Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers ever made. For you youngsters you can ask an old geezer like Teresa Blaisdell to explain that. For example, Bryan Rendon is getting a headache just trying to think of what I am saying. The reality, however, is that because of their TRACK RECORD; you ride along with a soothing feeling of peace! I didn’t’ take any pictures today so I am going back into the list and the photo below is from Small Ekombe. I preached there 9 days ago, and the little kid on the right was enamored with me. BTW: I do know what enamored means!

I was unable to see Charlie Brown yesterday as his mother was off work and picked him up. I did get to see my glorious wife and she has a nice new hairdo. The reality is that her face is so beautiful that she could shave her head and still be the best-looking girl in the world. Hopefully in a little over 2 hours I can see her and Charlie Brown. I will not get home until Friday night so I will not see him again until Monday. I may try and go over to his house on Saturday. It will be good to see 5 of my other grandchildren as well. I have written the first two drafts of my trip report and will finish it tomorrow, Lord willing. My PPT is done except for my darling daughter-in-law. I always do the rough outline and she makes it pretty. Jennifer also takes care of our finances while I am gone and is a good girl. I am fixin to relax for a while. Oh, I got an email from Louise and she made it home fine. I am sure that Don did as well. Please pray for my journey that begins tomorrow. I will begin writing my final HOWDY tomorrow but you will not receive it until Saturday at the earliest. Thanks for all of your prayers.

In Christ,

Jim Corner

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