Monday, February 20, 2017 7:50pm-12:50pm CST

Dear All:

Slept well and got up at 7:30. I was a bit alarmed as when I looked at my watch it was upside down and said 1:30. My lovely wife could sleep that long but I don’t think I could if you paid me to. Since I have access to the internet and a computer; I am able to get a lot of work done. I had told Jean Claude to take the day off and not worry about me as he has been working so hard these past few weeks. I was able to work on my presentation when I get back; my trip report; a ton of correspondence that had built up and looking over and making notes of the proposed sisters seminars over the next few months. I was also able to record many of the evaluation quotes from Kumba and have them below. I REALLY like #19.

  1. The seminar is successful because it helps to open our brains to the Word of God.
  2. We have seen the importance of loving and teaching our children. Sister Louise has been a blessing to the church in Cameroon.
  3. The seminar has helped us to see the qualities that the Christian is to have and the good that God continues to do toward us.
  4. Sister Louise has helped the sisters know how to better teach our children.
  5. She (Louise) is the best teacher I have ever seen. Note: quite a compliment
  6. I have seen that the seminars have done a lot to not only teach our children but ourselves.
  7. The seminars are very important so please continue to send these teams.
  8. I enjoyed it so much and it was my first time. I will love to attend next time.
  9. The next generation will not know you but they will know you through the mark you have left behind. Note: our goal is the growth of the church well into the future.
  10. I will say that it is our Lord who have made it possible for you to have the love for the church in Cameroon because with this material, there will be a positive change in the congregations that attend the seminar.
  11. This whole seminar helps you to understand the Word of God and it helps improve our congregations.
  12. I love the way you present your lessons. They are straight forward and full of examples.
  13. The seminar has helped many Christians to more fully understand about Jesus and practical ways to have eternal life.
  14. I appreciate the effort of all the brethren in USA for their support of the seminar.
  15. Don, you are a great preacher. I pray you endeavor to come again, not only in Seminar but also in June campaign. We were glad to hear you.
  16. There is a great change in the church because of the seminars over the past 20 years.
  17. The seminar is helpful because we go and apply what we learn and we see the church increase physically and spiritually.
  18. Because of the seminar plenty sisters are more dedicated in doing the work of the Lord and teaching children.
  19. Sister Louise: you are a blessing in my life. You have given me what I could not buy from the market and is knowledge and I will ask God for wisdom. God bless you.

Jean Claude did come over tonight and we visited for 30 minutes or so. By now Louise is near Houston and Don near Salt Lake City. I went to my favorite restaurant and got carry-out and brought it back and ate while watching the western, Silverado. I will be able to Skype with Charlie Brown in a little over 3 hours. I still have work to do so I will not be twiddling my thumbs.

Miscellaneous thoughts:

  1. These sisters in Cameroon are still raving about Teresa Blaisdell’s class many years ago. I cannot remember precisely but it has been over 5 years. Her class was on visual aids and anyone who knows Teresa is aware that she is an incredibly gifted and creative teacher. I realize that from time to time I give her a hard time in my blogs (although she can give just as well as take) but she really is a special sister.
  2. The picture on the left is of a PowerPoint slide yesterday at the combined service. All of the hymns were on the screen. We also sang many choruses that are not written down but the brethren know them well.
  3. You may not recognize the guy on the right below because he does not have his helmet and “machine gear” on. That is Martin with his wife Glory and their two kids.

I will plug this a few more times but I will be making my report of the trip at Buckingham Road on Sunday evening at the 5:00pm service on March 12. Even if you are not a member, if you are in driving range I pray that you will come. I am feeling fine and continue to thank you for your prayers.

In Christ,

Jim Corner

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