Sunday, February 19, 2017 9:45pm-2:45pm CST

Dear All:

I won’t say that the combined service is the highlight of the trip because that honor goes to the seminar itself. However, the combined service is a wonderful “cherry” on top of the Banana Split or Sundae or whatever you put a cherry on! The five area congregations are Cite de la paix, Bonaberi, Dakar, Mambanda and Logpom. Bonaberi is the only building that can house the group and that is why it is always at that venue. You can see below that it was a packed house. The singing was marvelous and the overall fellowship was so enjoyable. They had a meal of sandwiches and eggs and soft drinks and we enjoyed the food and fellowship. The attendance was 206. Fred Mboka is a Colonel in the Army and a Military Doctor. He picked us this morning and then returned us to the hotel. He is a very enjoyable brother to be around. This afternoon I spent time visiting with Don and Louise about the seminar and the one in 2019. Lord willing, they will return as Richard and Lori Sutton will be here next year. I am doing well physically and pray that the Lord will give me continued good health and ask that you pray that His will be done in this matter. The thought of retirement has no appeal to me in the least. At about 6:45 Fred came back and took Don and Louise to the airport. I was able to go in with them and see that the check-in process went well. They are scheduled to take off at 11:55pm and land in Paris at 6:30. That is where they will split up as Louise will fly to Houston on her way to Lubbock and Don will fly to Salt Lake City on his way to Spokane. When I got back from the airport I took a nice shower and have been doing various things since. Our care group at church is meeting at our house tonight at 5:00pm which is midnight here in Douala and I plan to stay up and Skype with them. I have had some slight dizziness today which is something I have been dealing with for a number of years. Nothing significant but would ask for your prayers.

Miscellaneous thoughts:

  1. I have never seen a sign such as the one below on the right. If repentance means to ‘come forward’ the front benches would be packed at the end of each service!
  2. Jean Claude continues to give me a hard time. Don and I were dressed basically the same this morning with short sleeve dress shirts and a tie along with nice slacks. When Jean Claude saw us he said to Don: You look like a preacher and then he said to me: you look like someone who sells peanuts by the roadside and laughed. I think I am going to have to have Mary discipline this young man and believe you me; she is just the person to do it. When you think about it; all wives possess that talent! Well, there is an exception to every rule and I never need to be put in my place. Now; no one needs to talk to Linda for verification as I am a preacher!

Thanks for your continued prayers and please be in prayer for Don and Louise as they travel.

In Christ,

Jim Corner

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