Saturday, February 18, 2017 8:05pm-1:05pm CST

Dear All:

We are back to normal. Had a good night’s rest but noticed when my alarm went off that the A/C wasn’t working. The power and/or generator were not working. Once more, when I stepped out of the bed there was water all over my floor. The A/C had decided to defrost itself. You old geezers, like Teresa Blaisdell, remember when we did not have frost free freezers. Well, this one decided it would unload on my floor. Fortunately, I knew were my flashlight was and I was able to navigate. I was already packed so not a lot of stuff to do. Louise and I mentioned that the Lord had truly blessed us in that this was the best time to have a failure. We started taking our things down and were gone by 7. You can see Jean Claude acting like a doofus before we left Kumba. At the most, I have only seen a couple of patches of blue sky in the weeks we have been here. This is the dry season but clouds abound. We were not able to see Mount Cameroon because of the clouds when we passed it by this morning. Made good time until we got to Bonaberi. There is MAJOR road construction and it will be nice when it is finished but right now you travel very slowly. It took us about 45 minutes to navigate through Bonaberi. This is a perfect example of why you want to ride machines. They are able to go in and out while the regular vehicles creep along. We still were at the hotel by 10:15 so all in all, it went pretty smoothly. Stopped at Police Checks twice but they went through the passports quickly and we were on our way. You can see on the right below a machine that is carrying a good size load plus a passenger. These machine guys are unbelievable. The hotel is very nice and Mary, Jean Claude and Louise went to the wood market. Don and I stayed here and I started unpacking. Don and Louise fly out tomorrow night but I will not leave until Wednesday as I have a lot of work to get done. Jean Claude called me and Don and I climbed machines and met them at the restaurant for lunch. It was nice as we were able to run red lights and get there faster. Maybe you should try that sometime and if an officer stops you tell him to check out the driving in Cameroon. When I got back I got on the computer and had a bunch of emails. Have still not looked at the internet to find out what is going on in the world. One thing Mary told us at lunch that is very sad is that this school year has been canceled. That is, even if they go back to school no one can move on to the next grade. The poor parents are sick after having spent so much on school fees for nothing. There appears to be no progress on the strike. When I got back I sent all of the Howdys I had written in the past week. Then Louise came down and got on the computer and Don came down to visit. We went over the “steps” of the trip tomorrow as they will be on their own but they are both seasoned travelers so there will be no problems. Tomorrow is the combined service at Bonaberi of the 5 area Douala congregations. I am taking the adult Bible class, Louise is teaching one of the kid classes and Don will preach. I am fixin to call Linda and hopefully she is home so I can see and talk with her. Thank you for your prayers over the past few weeks. We are all doing well and am grateful for you.

In Christ,

Jim Corner

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