Friday, February 17, 2017 9:50pm-2:50pm CST

Oh; good news. Tim Beck had a mild heart attack (that is not the good news) but they were able to put a stint in and he is supposed to be fine. By the time you read this he will be home.

We are well aware that the Strike had a huge impact on the attendance this year but we ended up with another good day. Men’s class was 133 as opposed to 125 last year. Sisters class was 135 versus 85 last year and the afternoon class was 238 vs 116 last year. The average men’s class attendance last year was 113 and 123 this year. The sisters averaged 72 last year and 129 this year and the afternoon class in 2016 averaged 151 but 219 this year. Last night at supper Louise asked Jean Claude how he thought the seminar went and he said GREAT. All three of us are satisfied with the work that the Lord did through us. We realize that we have no power to do anything well but that He is able to take weak vessels and do mighty things. We are grateful beyond words to our Heavenly Father. We also want to say a big THANK YOU to each of you who have been keeping us in prayer. We have been well throughout the journey.

Nothing unusual about the morning as everything was status quo. I had mentioned in an earlier blog that we had had around 6 power outages where the generator had to kick on. Well, I lost count a long time ago as the power is very inconsistent in Kumba. We say THANK YOU to our Father for providing us with a nice place to rest. We left at 8:30 and there is something wrong with the picture I am fixin to share. Jean Claude, Don and I exited the hotel and Jean Claude immediately said: “I am going to climb my bike” and off he rode while we were walking. The walk is a 5 minute stroll so no big deal and it gives us a bit of exercise. I am not sure how much sweating contributes to one’s health but if it is plenty; then we are doing REALLY well. I came over to the hotel to fetch the evaluation sheets and there were many positive comments. I am going to work on them over the weekend and probably post some of them on Monday or Tuesday. I went back to the hall for the balance of Don’s class after imbibing a nice Coke Zero. I was simply following the Golden Rule which says do to yourself as you would want others to do to you. At least I think that is the gist of it. Don and I walked back after his class and the 3 of us ate a delicious meal in my room. My baby brother (when I called him that in the hall they laughed because he is bigger than me) is following my example regarding the recipes we eat. I thought about posting a picture but was afraid that someone might try and steal it and patent it. I know I have told you in the past but this is how Linda cooks for me every day. She is a REALLY good girl! I started packing and then we left at 2:40 for the last session. Class went well and the end is always somewhat sad as I do not like to leave my brethren. This is truly a second home to me and I feel as comfortable and at home here as I do in Garland, Texas. Actually, I have good news as the said they were going to have a Resident Green Card issued so I will be staying. Linda, according to them, is welcome to visit at her leisure. We made it back to the hotel and I have been doing last minute prep for tomorrow. The plan is to load at 6:30 so we can be out of here by 7. Next week I will write some more details about the seminar. I am going to call Linda earlier than usual and will not be able to talk with Charlie Brown. I want to get a good night’s rest. Oh, we finally had a picture made of the 3 of us. Louise makes us look worse than we really are!

The plan tomorrow is to publish all of the Howdys so you will have plenty to read. Hopefully, some of it will be encouraging.

In Christ,
Jim Corner

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