Thursday, February 16, 2017 10:50pm-3:50pm CST

Dear All:

I want you to pray for Tim Beck. He is a member in my congregation and Linda told me last night he was taken to the hospital with a possible heart attack. No details as I write.

I was wrong. Attendance continues to increase. Last year the men’s class had 117 and today it was 143. The sisters class last year had 69 and today it was 148. The sisters had been meeting in the parlor of a sister next to the church hall and we are so glad we made the change to the hotel. There is no way that class could have functioned in the house. The afternoon class in 2016 was 130 and today it was 238. I really would be surprised if the attendance tomorrow is this high. In a normal year Thursday is the highest but the Strike has made it impossible to even make good guesses regarding how many would attend.

The Lord has blessed this journey in every conceivable way. I slept well last night and the morning was ‘standard issue’. We made our usual trek to the hall and the brethren were singing as we arrived. Actually, Don and Jean Claude went before me as I had a couple of things to do. Don said that Jean Claude said: “forget Jim, let’s go” which sounds like him. At 9:45 I took a machine to the hotel to pass out and go over the evaluation sheets. Then at Don’s second break I went over the sheets with the men. Glenn Besong has been translating for Don all week and you can see them below. Don’s class went very well and we hoofed it back. I had a bunch of stuff to do and just ate a small snack. Had to go back to the hall before Don and Louise as I had a meeting with the representatives of the churches we will work with in June. Lord willing, 5 Americans and 3 Cameroonians will work with 20 churches.

My class began with their working and presentation of the discussion questions on the subject of service. They did a better job of dealing with the questions today than on Tuesday. Here are the 3 discussion questions: 1. Name some practical ways that the Lordship of Jesus is seen in the life of the leader. Here are some of the answers; Be constant in prayer. Humble yourself. Be compassionate. Bear the burdens of the brethren. When you examine those answers, you see the way in which our Lord lived. 2. In your culture, how difficult will it be to develop “servant leaders”? Here are some answers: Hard because the old men do not want to serve. Some place other things above serving the church. Some mix ancestor worship with Christianity. 3. Is it easy to be a servant as Jesus was? Explain your answer. Here are some responses: Yes; if we follow the example of Jesus. Yes; if we have the mind of Christ. No, because the imitation is never as good as the original.

I was able to start the section on Holiness and it went well. We walked back and I was able to get a nice cold shower. After a hot afternoon of teaching and a hot walk back I do not want anything to do with hot water. We had supper at 7 and it was very nice. This will be our last meal in the hotel as we will eat in our rooms tomorrow. I am dreading Saturday when I finally get on the internet and see all of my emails. It will probably take some time to wade through them. I am about to Skype with Charlie Brown and Linda. Oh, the picture on the right is of the ladies who train sisters to teach children. Louise is the ‘American ram-rod” and Dinah is her Cameroonian counterpart. We are all doing well and thank you for your continued prayers.

In Christ,
Jim Corner

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