Wednesday, February 15, 2017 11:05pm-4:05pm CST

Dear All:

When I was about 10 years old; a friend of mine at church had an older brother get baptized. Afterwards, his mother was crying so I said to my mom: why is Deanie’s mom crying? Shouldn’t she be happy? I had not discovered ‘tears of joy’ at that point in my life and still didn’t understand after her explanation. Well, today I cried because Denis showed up this afternoon. Just thinking about it now is leading me to cry again. I am sooooooooooo happy! At the end of my first session there was a bunch of positive noise in the back and I thought someone has brought cold cokes for everyone but instead they were rushing to Denis. I hurried over to hug him and then when my second session was to begin I had him come up and we prayed to God and gave Him thanks for releasing Denis. It was hard for me to talk because I love this brother so much. He is also a GREAT song leader so I had him lead three songs. That was well worth losing a bit of time from my class. I am just dreadfully sorry that the internet is not working so you can’t hear this great news now. I know you have been praying for him and I am so thankful. You can see him and his lovely wife Patience below. He has been completely cleared and will face no trial!

The seminar continues to have a great attendance. As stated yesterday, I am aware that the Strike has a big say in the matter so next year the numbers will probably be lower. The men’s class last year had 114 with 124 today; the sisters had 85 with 121 today and the afternoon class had 127 versus 235 today. I am assuming that we have maxed out today but we shall see tomorrow.

Back to the start of the day; nothing unusual as I slept well again. No crazy dreams about President Hollingsworth last night. We left for the hall at about 8:30. The men are pleading for the use of the hotel hall for just one day but that will never happen. Those poor women would never see that hall again once the men enjoyed the A/C. At about 10am I took a machine to the hotel to collect the list of sisters for the morning food money. I then enjoyed the balance of Don’s class. He and I walked back and then Louise and the sisters below met with me. They go out on weekends and conduct seminars for sisters to help advance the teaching level of those who are entrusted with our children. We then ate in my room and you would be envious if you could have seen my plate of food. Then the 3 of us walked back to the hall for our afternoon class. Yesterday we purchased lights for the hall as theirs were no good and they were very appreciative. While my class was going on the village sisters met with Louise to map out the upcoming schedule. I feel as though my class is going well. We then came back and I started catching up on some correspondence.

Miscellaneous thoughts:

  1. Over the years I have given you some interesting ways in which they say things. When Jean Claude got up this morning at the beginning of the session he thanked God and said that many are blocked from seeing this day which is another way of saying; many are not alive today who were yesterday.
  2. As Don and I walked to the hall this morning we noticed that they were watering the road to keep the dust down. This time of year you can ingest a ton of dust as you walk down the road with taxis and machines flying by.
  3. You need to pray for my brother Don as he has something else to repent of. You recall his remark about his lovely wife yesterday. This morning in his class he was twice called an ‘old man’ and then he pointed at me and said I was older! Now, if he would have said I was wiser or more knowledgeable or better looking that would be both true and OK.

It is still over an hour before I can Skype with Charlie Brown and Grandma. The hotel here is such a blessing with all of the amenities one could desire. The lovely couple on the left is Denis and Patience. I am still soooooooooo happy! We are all well.

In Christ,

Jim Corner

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