Tuesday, February 14, 2017 9:50pm-2:50PM CST

Dear All:

We are blowing the ‘hinges’ off of the seminar door. On this day last year, the men’s class was 108 and today it was 123. The sister’s class last year was 61 and today it was 140. The afternoon class in 2016 was 123 and today 223! I know that a big part of it has to do with the strike. There are teens and those in their early 20’s who are out of school so they are learning.

Here is the beginning: Morning was as every other one. Oh, you know how dreams can be fascinating? Well, I had one last night where I was invited to a reception of our new President. However, it was not Mr. Trump but Mr. Howard. I didn’t even know he was running. Ronald Reagan was there as well and, of course, he is of late (Cameroonian way of saying he is dead). The other ex-President who was there was President Ross Hollingsworth. Ross is a member at Buckingham Road where Linda and I worship and I was not aware that he has been holding out on us! Slept well and headed for the hall at 8:30. First, we went down to the restaurant to order our supper. The 3 of us chose buzzgetti while Jean Claude ordered his favorite: fish. Walked to the hall and they were singing. Don is doing a GREAT job and the brethren enjoy his teaching. The sisters in Louise’s class LOVE, I mean LOVE this hall at the hotel. The room where they used to have class next to the church building was very cramped and could not have held the number this year. They enjoy the A/C and the men are crying. After his class, Don walked back to the hotel while I had meetings with two sets of village preachers. Everything went well and I was able to walk back and have 30 minutes of relaxation. My class went well and after I finished the section on discipleship we broke into groups as we did in Douala. The bottom left shows the groups spread out around the hall. They did a fine job and we were able to share some of our thoughts with each other. We then walked back to the hotel and first stopped off at the grocery store across the street to get some water and candy for the sisters. Had a really nice supper and there were far more people in the restaurant than usual. Jean Claude said it was because of Valentine’s Day. Have been doing various things for the past hour or so and will try to get in bed at a decent hour. Still have to wait 45 minutes or so to Skype with Charlie Brown and Grandma.

Miscellaneous thoughts:

  1. My precious wife deserves a HUGE trophy for the sacrifice she makes regarding my travel schedule. Today is Valentine’s Day and the last one we shared together was in 1987. It is true that she has physical beauty but even that is no match for her spiritual beauty. I am truly blessed!
  2. This strike is hurting so many people financially. Obviously, the taxi drivers but the parents of children. The school fees that they have paid will not be reimbursed nor applied to the next semester. It is simply money that has been wasted, through no fault of the parents.
  3. Jean Claude is a punk! This morning we went to order our supper and he had drunk something at the hotel and told them to put the bill on room 512 (my room). He looked at me and laughed and said: “the food goes in my stomach but the bill to you.”
  4. If there is anyone receiving this who knows Melody Corner (Don’s wife) she needs to be aware of something he said today. We were down in the lobby and a girl had on high heels. I asked him if Melody wore them and he said she used to but now that she is elderly, she does not!
  5. This morning in Don’s class they were having questions and answers but one brother paid Don a big complement by saying in reference to his teaching: “I have honey in my heart.”
  6. Oh, I mentioned the other day at the orphanage that we gave them some toys that Charlie Brown had bought with his Christmas money. The kids were sooooooooooo happy! I gave them a picture of him and Dinah is going to mount it on the wall so they can see the little 8-year-old American boy who loves them.
  7. This morning I was coming down in the lifter when there was a jolt. Think the power went off but it switched to the generator quickly and I was on my way.

Oh, the picture on the right is of the preacher at Kake II where Don preached Sunday. His name is Toko William and his wife’s name is Celestine. We are all doing well and wondering what is happening in the rest of the world. Thanks for all your prayers.

In Christ,

Jim Corner


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