Monday February 13, 2017 8:50pm-1:50pm CST

Dear All:

Well, the Strike had no impact on the seminar today. Last year the morning class had 100 and today it was 93. The ladies were 60 last year and 101 today. The afternoon class was 135 last year and 163 today. If we grow as we have in the past, there will be a ‘space problem’ in a few days. We are all happy with the first day. Oh, we had to give information about the seminar to the D.O. (Divisional Officer) and the S.D.O. (Sub-Divisional Officer) and because of that notification, everything went fine.

Arose at 7 with an 8:15 ‘take-off’ time and we were on schedule. Louise is having her class in the hotel so she just had to ride the lifter. The room is very nice and much more spacious than Sister Ruth’s parlor that we have used in the past. It has A/C and modern toilets and the sisters were happy. I am confident that many of them entered a lifter for the first time in their life. Don and I walked to the hall which is about ½ mile away and arrived by 8:25. Several brethren were already present and it was good to renew old acquaintances. Monday is a day where the attendance starts off slow because of travel. I don’t know how many got here but, for example, at 9:30 in Don’s class there were 43 and as you can see above; that number more than doubled in the next 2 ½ hours. Don and I walked back and the 3 of us ate in my room. Truly delicious food and even better company. At 2:30 we went back to the hall and had a good afternoon session. When we got back we simply snacked in our rooms and I did some “seminar” stuff. Having no internet does give me some more time to relax but I would rather have connection with the outside world. Also, I miss seeing Linda’s smiling face.

Miscellaneous thoughts:

  1. You know how when you sit on a bed your body is ready for some cushion? Well, with this bed if you plan on such a thing your brain will be jolted!
  2. The Lord blesses us with so many physical blessings. On this journey both hotels have large generators that automatically come on when the power goes out. For some of you who have traveled with me in years past; you can appreciate such a blessing. That is a truly huge blessing in both Douala and Kumba as power outages are common and frequent. We have already experienced a minimum of 6 outages in Kumba and yet within less than 5 seconds the generator kicks on. In the past we have stayed at some hotels with generators but they could only run a fan and the lights so we had to cut the A/C. Both hotels have adequate generators that you do not notice any loss of power.
  3. Vincent (some of you know him) walked up to me with his son and he said: “do you know who this is?” and I said: “yes, it is Esli.” Well, it was Zuriel who is now 16 and as tall as me. I could not believe how much he had grown.
  4. On the left below is Dinah who runs the orphanage and Louise. On the right are about 30 of the children she takes care of.

We are all doing well and are wondering what kind of numbers we will have tomorrow. Usually we have increases up to Thursday and then a slight decrease of Friday. Thanks for your prayers.

In Christ,
Jim Corner

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